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The Score: Bank Robber Diaries

Episode 018 - Denny Gentry

Happy Thanksgiving a day early ropers! In this episode of The Score Chelsea Shaffer talks to none other than the man himself, Denny Gentry. Listen in to hear how the World Series of Team Roping began and all the changes it has faced and so much more.

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  • The Score: Bank Robber Diaries Trailer

    When is walking to a bank not just walking to a bank? When you’re walking to a bank robbery — and you’re the robber.The Score: Bank Robber Diaries — coming soon.
  • 1. First Time Out

    Ever wonder what it's like to rob a bank?Breaking the rules at a young age set Joe Loya up for a descent into crime. From his first time robbing a bank, to a violent altercation behind bars, this is Joe Loya’s origin story.
  • 2. Mama's Boy

    After his mom dies when he’s just 9 years old, Joe’s life begins to unravel. The death wreaks havoc on his home in ways that would affect him his entire life.
  • 3. Who's Your Daddy?

    Young Joe's relationship with his father pushes him in unexpected directions.
  • 4. The Wolf and the Sheep, Part 1

    Joe's troubled home life gets complicated with the arrival of his new step mom.
  • 5. The Wolf and the Sheep, Part 2

    The violence in Joe's household reaches a new level. And Joe makes a promise to his dad, his brother and himself.
  • 6. The Hunter

    Joe's relationship with his dad comes to extreme and tragic violence. The result propels him in a completely new direction — towards power and crime.
  • 7. Big Bank Little Bank

    How many banks did Joe rob? A lot of effing banks!
  • Upcoming special AMA episode with Joe - send questions to

    In a couple weeks, Joe's going to sit down and answer YOUR questions in a special "Ask Me Anything" podcast episode.Send your questions to and we'll try to answer every one of them. You can also DM us on IG at @westernsound and @thescore.podcastSend those questions in — let's go!PS: this will probably be the only file in this feed NOT marked explicit, so enjoy the lack of f-bombs for a change :)