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The Super League War - Chapter 33 - Two Tribes (Part 2)

Season 3, Ep. 3

In part two of 'Two Tribes' we discuss the ad campaigns of both competitions, the ARL ramps up nostalgia, false anniversaries, Ron Casey lunacy, Super League goes all in on the sizzle, Cubby Checker, Dionne Warwick, Rodney O, great Aussie companies, hit and miss rules changes, the video referee, Hollywood Harrigan, the ARL's 40/20 rule, an Eric Cox update, and much, much more!

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  • 24. Two Tribes II with Steve Mascord

    In our penultimate Super League episode we are thrilled to welcome back Steve Mascord to discuss our parallel Super League journeys, the legacy of 1997 and much more. ANyone who hasn't yet got a copy of Two Tribes can go to and enter the code "rugby league digest" for a special discount offer. And don't forget to register for our Super League Wrap Party on Saturday June 8:
  • Ian Heads Tribute

    This is taken from a recent Patreon episode. We wanted to share our thoughts on a man to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude: a true gentleman and statesman of the game.
  • 23. The Super League War - Chapter 40 - Peace

    After three years of backroom deals, broken contracts, court cases, public sniping, and the splitting of the competition, peace was finally declared, and the National Rugby League was born. In our final chapter, we look at the rocky road to peace throughout 1997, covering every false start, potshot, rejected peace proposal, and, finally, the meeting that saw the game come together and the road to rationalisation begin.
  • 22. Adelaide Rams with Guy Wilson

    Michael is joined by our long time Adelaide correspondent Guy Wilson to discuss the rise and demise of the Rams, Rugby League in South Australia before and after and the case for a return to big time Rugby League in Adelaide. 
  • 21. The Super League War - Chapter 39 - Crushed

    In this episode we discuss the demise of the Reds, Crushers and Chargers, troubling economic realities, transit lounges, the "original sin" of 1995 mass-expansion, gifting Perth to rugby union, the Crushers’ surprisingly good start, Packer the (off)white knight, packed lunches, throwing open the gates, winning their last ever game, failed merger plans, the great Rugby League man Eric Cox, players getting shafted and much more!
  • 20. The Super League War - Chapter 38- Steel City Miracles (Part 2)

    Our extended recap of all the on-field action in 1997 concludes with the Newcastle Knights historic grand final win over Manly. We trace the Knights' road to glory, Joey's redemption arc, the convoy of Sid Foggs willing them to victory, Chief's leadership masterclass, that famous last second win, the insane scenes that followed in Newcastle, and much, much more!
  • 19. The Super League War - Chapter 38 - Steel City Miracles (Part 1)

    In this long awaited episode we discuss Newcastle's mining history, identity as the steel city, BHP's closure, the tragic Newcastle earthquake, the miners' strike, seige mentality as a cultural feauture, Barabara Davis and the Aussies for the ARL, vitriol towards the Hunter Mariners, mascot mayhem, stadium wars, merger discussions, further Graham Murray appreciation, and much, much more!  
  • 18. The Super League War - Chapter 37 - The Optus Cup (Part 3)

    In this concluding episode of 'The Optus Cup', we discuss the 1997 RLW Player's Poll, shorts fuses of the era, an odd but pleasantly competitive finals system, knee-jerk calls to implement the video ref, Nick Kosef vs the Johns family, Tony Butterfield vs Terry Hill, some pre grand final Darren Albert magic, a Craig Field game-winner, some cruel injuries, suspension mayhem, and much more!
  • 17. The Super League War - Chapter 37 - It's My Game (Part 2)

    In part two of our 1997 ARL recap we look at the battlers, the heavyweights, and everyone in between. From coaching drama in Campbelltown to a Tigers resurgence, Roosters on the rise, the miracle of the Chargers and much, much more!