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The stars are almost aligned, the results have gone our way so far and sexy Dennis Cirkin has struck twice at The Hawthorns to give the mighty Sunlun a fighting chance in the Championship playoff race! Our Gav and Chris try to calm down long enough to let us know how they feel about the result. 

What's the crack? 


  • What a result; how do we feel immediately after the game? How proud are we of these lads?

  • Has there ever been a more attractive Sunderland footballer than Dennis Cirkin?

  • The goals; that penalty wasn't a penalty was it? The reaction to Cirkin's beautiful head meeting the cross from Gooch to draw level after the break, and the absolutely sensual play that led to a stunning winning goal from the aforementioned (and equally stunning) Dennis "goal machine" Cirkin! Aye.

  • Cirkin wasn't the only lad on the pitch btw, just got carried away a bit… So how did the rest do?

  • Was that the best team performance we've seen so far this year?

  • Mogga; did his subs change the game?

  • Where do we go from here? Dare to dream again? Ha'way the Lads!

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  • RRP: "Le voyage en Espagne" - On the road with Regis as the SAFC pre-season begins!

    Oui oui, we are not dropping the ridiculous accents or French puns yet. Monsieurs Gav and Chris return to drink wine and talk all things RLB, SAFC and more ahead of our Spanish double header this weekend! What's the crack? Regis lad; How is our new head coach settling in?Gav was over Shields on Saturday, so what did he make of the game? Early recruitment seems to have focused on keepers and also strengthening the midfield, both areas getting the experience we asked for, so are the lads happy with it so far? How significant a signing could Alan Browne be? We definitely need a striker aye, but Chris and Gav disagree on how the club may go about it; What should we be looking at in the coming Friendlies against Nottingham Forest on Friday and Eldense on Sunday? Hummel and the club reveal the next kit design on Friday after the first went down so well we sold out... so are there ships on the horizon? Mainly ships carrying more stock aye. Will we start to see some evidence of this philosophy we've heard about recently from RLB and Speakman on the pitch, and what does this mean long-term for the club itself? All this and more! Ha'way the Lads!#SAFC #EFLChampionship #EFL
  • RRP: “ALLO ALLO ‘OW DO YOU DO” - Reaction to the appointment of Régis Le Bris as Sunderland AFC Head Coach!

    Mon dieu! Sacré bleu! Sunderland AFC have a head coach, as Kyril has exploited his French connection and appointed a French lad! Gav and Martin got together today to react to it all, trying to avoid lazy stereotypes and occasionally failing. What's le crack? Welcome Reg! He hasn't actually arrived at the academy yet but he'll be there imminently. So has everyone calmed down a bit? It's been a bit of a month for a few, so does this settle the nerves ahead of preseason? Who is Régis Le Bris? The French footy analysts and pundits seem to think highly of him; Is this a distinctly KLD appointment? It certainly feels like one; Are the lads excited by the possibilities or more cautious? What does he need to do first? Can he have a real impact on the players (and the fans) this summer? All this and more! Ha'way the Lads! #SAFC #EFL #RegisLeBris #Championship
  • RRP: "Players only love you when they're playing" - SAFC 23/24 Season Review Part Two!

    Our disorganised (and now slightly late) season review continues as we all await imminent news from our dear club about our imminent head coach. But we aren't talking about managers at all here (we'll react to that when we get an official announcement) as today our Gav, Chris and Martin's focus is on the players themselves. What's the crack? Now the lads are away on their hols and with plenty of time to reflect, who do we think stood out in the past season? Besides Jack Clarke aye..The lads try to sell Patto for a giggle; but how do we feel about the goalkeeping situation? Is Young a bit too young for a chance? We may have the best pair of full backs in the league if Cirkin was able to stay fit, so what did the lads make of our attempts to deal with injuries this season, what exactly is Leo Hjelde and will Pembele stick around next season? Are O'Nien and Ballard good enough for a promotion push or do they need further assistance and more experienced competition? Will Ballard be snapped up by someone or is it too early for him? Dan Neil, Pierre Ekwah and that central midfield issue; The lads debate the qualities of both players and of course look at the risk of losing Neil in the summer. Jobe; What do we do with the younger Bellingham brother? He's had a decent season for a lad his age but has he been mismanaged? The Jack Clarke debate; Will he stay or will he go? Martin fights valiantly against the position of Gav and Chris on this, but we can all agree that the saga may go on for a while yet. Paddy Roberts and the rest; Aye I won't list everyone but Gav does so what do we do with all these wingers, tens and alleged forwards? Should we have sold Roberts when we had the chance? Why did we bother with Burstow? Is Rusyn actually decent or a competition winner? What happened to poor Jewi? All this and so much more!Another pod will follow... Imminently.
  • RRP: "O manager, where art thou?" - SAFC 23/24 Season Review Part One!

    Aye lads and lasses we threw the towel in early as Dodds and the club drove us a bit insane. Following medical advice we've all had a bit of a break and now we're back to dissect everything in a really disorganised and chaotic fashion, as our Gav is joined by Chris Wynn and Martin Wanless to attempt something resembling a season review for a season Sunderland AFC itself abandoned. What's the crack? That season was shit aye. So how is everyone? Appointment announcement incoming? That's a genuine question like we have no clue if it's coming or not. Mogga, Micky and Mike; Do any come away with any credit whatsoever? Do we think we're going to go for the likes of Will Still - an up and coming coach from the continent type - or are we leaning towards someone with a bit more experience? Can Gav get a word in here? No he can't and it's amusing. He talks too much anyway. All this and more! We'll be back with a part two and possibly a part three and four if the lads survive those conversations. Ha'way the Lads! #SAFC #EFL #EFLChampionship
  • RRP: "Wish you weren't here" - Sunderland AFC 0-1 Millwall Reaction and Listener Q&A!

    Our Gav and Martin return to react to the increasingly painful and unfortunately still ongoing shite run/limp to the end of our season, following possibly the dullest game we've ever witnessed. Luckily they have some listener questions to try distract them from the football itself. What's the crack? Was that the most boring game we've seen this season/decade/century? Can we end the season now? Editors note/answer: Yes. Yes we can.If Mike Dodds wants a career in management Mike Dodds might like to consider thinking about what Mike Dodds really has to lose by trying to win games at home. Did anyone try to win that game for us? Mike Dodds once again laid the blame at the players feet and doesn't think it's on Mike Dodds but is that fair in this case? Shouldn't he be shouldering responsibility for team selection and tactics? The lads try once again to address the issues at hand and look at the backroom as well as the head coach; should they be cleared out too when summer finally arrives? Answering your questions and more! Aye, just get to the summer aye. #SAFC #EFL #EFLChampionship
  • RRP: “Tangents” - Reaction to Sunderland AFC 0-0 Bristol City and looking at Leeds away!

    Our Gav Henderson welcomes Martin Wanless back to the pod as the lads look back on Sunderland's goalless draw against Bristol City at the Stadium of Light yesterday, ahead to Tuesday night against Leeds at Elland Road, and grab a few listener thoughts on all things SAFC! What's the crack? It wasn't a win - we couldn't get the ball to go in - but was it better? A far improved performance from Pierre Ekwah yesterday; Martin thinks he needs to get a bit of consistency going ahead of potential competition arriving for his place in that midfield. The lads just don't rate Hjelde, so apologies to Hjelde fans out there; The tangents continue as is now tradition, as Gav and Martin try and dance around a lot of the actual football by getting lost in thoughts about the summer and next season; Are we looking to turn a quick profit on Jobe, hence his long run in the side this season? Should we be thinking more about any future deals with Rigg and prioritising his development in that area of the pitch? Would we rather give Watson (or anyone else at all who we currently own) a chance over the likes of Burstow? What's occurring with Ba getting dropped from the bench? Against all Dodds; Leeds coming up next as Mike attempts to take points from Daniel Farke again this season but Gav is a little nervous. Could we “do a Sunlun” though?We may be back tomorrow with our bumper International Fans Day special recording from the Fans Museum on Friday, or we will catch you all on the other side of the Leeds result however that goes.. Cheers for listening and ha'way the lads! #SAFC #EFL #EFLChampionship
  • RRP: "5H1TE" - Reaction to Sunderland AFC 1-5 Blackburn Rovers!

    Our Martin and Chris had the good sense to fuck off on holiday for Easter so Gavin grabbed our heavy loss specialist, Craig Chapman, to see if they could ignore talking about any of the football from the win on Good Friday over Cardiff or the horrific loss yesterday to Blackburn! What's the crack? Those Good Friday vibes didn't continue, the lads would've talked about them but why bother? Argh why us argh etc Dodds was a mistake. A terrible, terrible mistake aye. Would Heckingbottom be a good appointment and if so, would it be better to get him in now or leave it until the summer? Craig attempts to get Kristjaan Speakman's attention by accusing him of picking the side himself, poor decision making, appointing his mate in a caretaker role unnecessarily, poor player recruitment for a while, resting on ancient successes and tells him to sort it out like because this isn't on like and we may get relegated next season if he doesn't sort it out like. No protests have been planned as yet. The important/vital summer becomes more important/vital still as the "important/vital summer" quote extravaganza continues.  All this and more! Aye.#EFL #EFLChampionship #SAFC
  • RRP: “Paint drying and other pastimes” - Avoiding talking about Sunderland 0-0 Queens Park Rangers!

    So we stopped a cycle of losing before heading into what is a very welcome international break for most, as Sunlun held QPR to a draw at the weekend. Join Gav and Martin as they try to talk about it all.. and end up talking about everything but the game. What’s the crack? Our worst losing streak in a decade comes to an end, but we didn’t make it easy on ourselves; what did the lads make of it all? Nice quick minute or so spent on the game itself here. We got a clean sheet! Just the one for now but it’s good news? It is isn’t it? Tell me it is please I need something. Can we build on this result, however dull it might’ve been? We need this international break, we need this summer and ideally we need it all to come along a lot faster; Do we need to change up the backroom staff a bit as well as the head coach? This is exactly what our Chris Wynn said would happen aye. Just… aye. Ha’way the Lads! #EFL #SAFC #EFLChampionship
  • RRP: "Back to basics?" - The Southampton 4-2 Sunderland reaction & QPR preview!

    If you haven't noticed there's a little gift we've posted full of joy and positivity just prior to this here podcast. Honest it's all great fun. Seriously though we are actually back, as Gav and Chris sat down late last night to look at the Southampton result and ahead to QPR! What's the crack? BREAKING NEWS: WE'RE STILL SHITEIt wasn't exactly an inspirational performance against Southampton but at least we got a couple goals aye? Stop overthinking it Mike; the lads try to explain to Dodds where he might be going wrong... Defensive injury woes continue to just get worse as Seelt is now absent for Saturday and likely the rest of the season; so how do we sort this mess until Luke gets back? The lads both get a little ranty about it all and question the team selection, specifically regarding players like Adil Aouchiche. So with QPR retaining the services for now of a lad who allegedly hit someone with a brick back on the continent, we have to deal with a reasonably potent attacking threat. Especially if he's got a rock in his hand. The lads try to predict how things will look after the final whistle and sort of give up. Aye. All this and more. Ha'way the Lads! #SAFC #EFL #EFLChampionship