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There Are Four Hosts! (A Star Trek Podcast)

Season 02 - Episode 03 - Strange New Worlds!

Season 2, Ep. 3

We got the old band back together! Sabrina (aka VoidCat) is back as we discuss the first four episodes of Strange New Worlds...join us and see what we thought.Spoiler, we would all run away with Captain Pike... Podcast theme music by Craig Cohen

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  • 5. Season 02 - Episode 05 Our final thoughs on Star Trek Picard

    I know you've been wondering about our final thoughts on season 3 of Star Trek Picard ... well here they are!Join your four five hosts as they discuss the best season of Picard!
  • 4. Season 02 - Episode 04 STAR TREK PICARD, Season 3

    Hey we're back! Not only are we back but we have the always talented and lovely Void Cat (Sabrina) joining us to get her take on the latest season of Picard!Join us as we discuss the first three episodes.
  • 2. Season - 02 - Episode 02 - Picard Season Two Recap & Strange New Worlds

    Greetings! Join your four hosts as they discuss season two of Star Trek Picard and our thoughts on the first episode of Star Trek Strange New Worlds!Podcast theme music by Craig Cohen the show
  • 1. Season 02 - Episode - 01 (Star Trek Prodigy - The first 5 episodes)

    ... And we're back! New season, new intro music, new logo, new crew mate! Did you miss us? I sure did miss talking about Trek! Join us on this episode as we discuss the cute little show called Star Trek Prodigy... Did the show get Keith's pants off?!? Listen in to find out (Intro music was created by our friend Craig Cohen Support the show
  • 25. Season 01 - Episode 25 - Star Trek V (What does god need with a starship?)

    So.. how were everyone’s holidays? Your favorite four hosts took a little time off. But we’re back now, better than… well we’re back anyway.In this episode, we prove that the even numbered Trek movies are truly the best… Just kidding we love all Trek movies here at Four Hosts… except for Insurrection, that was terrible! (Sorry Jay!)Support the show
  • 24. Season 01 - Episode 24 - Star Trek Lower Decks (our overall thoughts and stuff)

    In this episode we discuss our overall feelings about the show and wrap things up… We were going to continue to watch/discuss the Trek movies but we’ve decided to take a little break until after the new year.I know that probably gives you the sad feelings… but if you just can’t stand to be apart from us try joining our Discord! ( next time…. ‘Keep looking up…’Support the show
  • 23. Season 01 - Episode 23 - Star Trek Lower Decks (Cupids errant arrow)

    Welcome back to the show! This episode we’re discussing Star Trek Lower Decks episodes 5 & 6. Now if you’ve been paying attention you may be asking yourself what happened to reviewing episode 4?! Don’t worry we didn’t forget about it… not really.. well kind of but that’s not because we didn’t love it… or maybe we hated it … either way that’s something for you to look forward to…yay! 2020 strikes again!Support the show
  • 21. Season 01 - Episode 21 - Star Trek Lower Decks (Temporal Edict)

    Season 01 - Episode 21 - Star Trek Lower Decks (Temporal Edict)Support the show