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There Will Be Film

There Will Be Film Series 2: Catch-Up Minisode Preview Bonanza

Season 1, Ep. 14

There Will Be Film is back! Before Season 2 kicks off properly Nathan, Heidi, & Stuart are back to catch up and talk all things film, atomic bombs, and butts.











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  • PIERRE NOVELLIE is Living the (Requiem for a) Dream

    This week we're joined by the hilarious PIERRE NOVELLIE (Mock The Week, BudPod podcast) to talk about how biopics about psychopaths can change your life, uppers v downers, and how movies can be used as a practical guide for boiler maintenance. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@pierrenovellieTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @pierrenovellie
  • UROOJ ASHFAQ & the Olsen Twin Cinematic Universe

    This week we're joined by stand-up extraordinaire UROOJ ASHFAQ (Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards '23) to talk comfort movies, the origins of the Heimlich manoeuvre, and do the deepest dive into the Olsen Twin Cinematic Universe.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@uroojashfaqTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • 15. KAT SADLER Will Leave Halfway Through Your Movie

    There Will Be Film is back for season 2 with the incredible writer/actress/comedian KAT SADLER (BBC Three's Such Brave Girls). We go deep on 2004's Garfield, learn what movies gave us sexual awakenings, and find out when/if it's ok to walk out of a movie. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@sadkatlerTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @sadkatler
  • 15. Minisode: There Will Be TV

    In this miniest off minisodes the gang catch up on recent TV and talk bongs, schlongs, and everything in between. 
  • 13. Minisode: Barbie

    This week we’re talking Greta Gerwig’s box-office-breaking Barbie! Will it be meta enough for notorious meta-head Heidi? Will Nathan and Stu prove themselves to be good boys and allies? Most importantly, we find out whether Gerwig’s critical smash resonates with the hardest-to-impress audience of all: babies.  Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • 12. Minisode: Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One

    This week we’re talking Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One. Is Ethan Hunt a hunk of a sexless weirdo? Who/what/why is the entity? Why are movie nightclubs always so unrealistic? We answer all these and (some) more. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • 11. Minisode: Asteroid City

    This week the There Will Be Film gang go deep on Wes Anderson's Asteroid City, start beef with Jesse Plemons, refuse to cry, and getting wasted on wine at the cinema.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • 10. Never Go Full Branagh

    This week we're stripped back for There Will Be Film Unplugged. Dim the lights, light a candle, crack a window, because it's Nathan, Heidi & Stuart in the studio talking Barbie v Oppenheimer, our big plans for season 2, and what lil treats to expect from There Will Be Film in the upcoming weeks. Also, with a tonne of chat about rooting and frangers. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan