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There Will Be Film

Ep 17. Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One

Season 1, Ep. 17

This week we’re talking Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One. Is Ethan Hunt a hunk of a sexless weirdo? Who/what/why is the entity? Why are movie nightclubs always so unrealistic? We answer all these and (some) more. 











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  • 18. Ep 18. Barbie

    This week we’re talking Greta Gerwig’s box-office-breaking Barbie! Will it be meta enough for notorious meta-head Heidi? Will Nathan and Stu prove themselves to be good boys and allies? Most importantly, we find out whether Gerwig’s critical smash resonates with the hardest-to-impress audience of all: babies.  Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • Ep 16. Asteroid City

    This week the There Will Be Film gang go deep on Wes Anderson's Asteroid City, start beef with Jesse Plemons, refuse to cry, and getting wasted on wine at the cinema.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • 15. Ep 15. Never Go Full Branagh

    This week we're stripped back for There Will Be Film Unplugged. Dim the lights, light a candle, crack a window, because it's Nathan, Heidi & Stuart in the studio talking Barbie v Oppenheimer, our big plans for season 2, and what lil treats to expect from There Will Be Film in the upcoming weeks. Also, with a tonne of chat about rooting and frangers. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • 14. Ep 14. Amélie 2: Back In The Habit w/ RAJIV KARIA & TATTY MACLEOD

    This week's all about vibes as we talk hangout movies, Johnny Depp's teeth, and enter the history books as the first podcast to sync up perfectly with M. Night Shyamalan's The Village w/ RAJIV KARIA & TATTY MACLEOD. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@tatty_macleod@rajivkariaTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @RajivAKaria@TattyMacleod
  • 13. Ep 13. Shallow H.A.L. w/ NICK ELLERAY & RHIANNON SHAW

    This week we get biblical. We learn how you know if God thinks your movie sucks. Find out the most immersive way to watch Citizen Kane. And discover what the most fascist Pixar film is w/ NICK ELLERAY & RHIANNON SHAW. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@rhiannoneshaw@nickellerayTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @rhiannoneshaw
  • 12. Ep 12. The True Man Show w/ MICKY OVERMAN & BELLA HULL

    This week listeners get to see how the There Will Be Film sausage is made as we talk all things admin, pee ethics, and the only right way to watch a movie w/ BELLA HULL and MICKY OVERMAN. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@mickyoverman@bellabellahullTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @bellabellahull@mickyoverman

    This week it's the battle of the double barrels as we share movie crushes, call out James Cameron and call time’s up on Love Actually & the Carry On genre w/ ALASDAIR BECKETT-KING & MARGARET CABOURN-SMITH.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@crushedbymcs@itsmisterABKTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @MisterABK@CrushedbyMCSLink to Crushed by Margaret Cabourn-Smith: to Alasdair's latest book:
  • 10. Ep 10. Thelma & Louise (& Santa) w/ WILL ROWLAND & BOBBY MAIR

    This week we take down Hollywood’s biggest capitalist, debate whether Michael B. Jordan will be succeeded by Michael C. Jordan, and go rummaging around in Santa’s secret sack w/ WILL ROWLAND & BOBBY MAIR.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@bobbymaircomedian@willrowlandheheTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @willrowlandhehe@bobbymair