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There Will Be Film

Spider Boyz II Spider Men w/ CELYA AB & FINLAY CHRISTIE

Season 1, Ep. 5

What’s the worst way to watch a Marvel film? What Tom Hanks character is bigger than Jesus? Which 70s rock icon is best equipped to hunt serial killers? These questions have plagued man since the dawn of cinema, but this week we answer them once and for all w/ CELYA AB & FINLAY CHRISTIE.















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  • For You Consideration... An Award's Season Special

    This week we're talking awards movies. The studs, the duds, and the movies too long for Heidi to ever sit through.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedyX: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan 
  • CHRIS SUTCLIFFE is the Lord of the Lord of the Rings

    This week we have tech journalist Chris Sutcliffe to do a (Helm's) deep dive into Lord of the Rings, try to cancel Indiana Jones, and find out more shady secrets about Walt Disney.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@chrismsutcliffeX: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @chrismsutcliffe
  • NIC SAMPSON & the Juicy and Delicious Matrix Steak

    This week we have writer/comedian Nic Sampson (Starstruck, Power Rangers Mystic Force) to determine the sexiest hemisphere, find out what makes Babe 2: Pig in the City so hateful, and find out how whether Kangaroo Jack is jacked. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@nicthesampsonX: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @NicSampson
  • MARK SMITH & His Last Night in Soho

    This week we have writer/comedian MARK SMITH (Dial F For Football) to talk Heist movies, Denim, & the origins of Janice Soprano’s tattoo. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@marksmithstuffX: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @marksmithstuff
  • SARAH ROBERTS and the Saltburn Worms

    This week we talk to comedian SARAH ROBERTS about the horniest WW2 movie, the Batman Curse, and decide once and for all whether Saltburn is trash or treasure. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@sarahroberts_69X: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @sarahroberts_69
  • MARK BITTLESTONE & the Bourne Perineum

    This week we talk to comedian MARK BITTLESTONE (co-host of the Dirty Laundry pod) to talk movie monkeys, nightmare immersive cinema experiences, and solve the mystery of his brother's gooch. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@markbittlestoneX: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @markbittlestone
  • EDDY HARE is Either Horny or Goofy

    This week we're joined by comedian EDDY HARE (Crizards) to talk scars, scares, jaunty fedoras, and saggy-bottomed freaks. Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@eddyhareTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @eddyhare
  • PATRICK SPICER (& That's The Twist!)

    This week we're joined by comedian PATRICK SPICER (DMs Are Open, The Mash report) to talk body swaps, 90s gunge, & crazy ex machinas.Instagram: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@patrickspicerTwitter: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @patrickspicers
  • TAMSYN KELLY & the Lady Horses

    This week we're joined by the incredible comedian/writer/actress TAMSYN KELLY (ITV2's Stand Up Sketch Show) to talk cultural splashes, what we'd do with the Limitless pill, and find out the best way to distract yourself when you're bored in the cinema. Tamsyn Kelly @ Soho Theatre: @therewillbefilmpodcast@nathandarcyroberts@heidi_regan@stuartlawscomedy@TamsynKellyX: @ThereWillBFilm@MrDarcyRoberts@thisstuartlaws@heidi_regan @TamsynKelly