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Therapy Matters: A Podcast About the Physical Therapy and Rehab Industry

E18: Transitioning to Running Your Own Practice

Season 1, Ep. 18

Ben Weinstein, owner of Myomechanix  Physical Therapy and Training in Nashville joins the show this week to tell his success story of opening and running his own practice!

Some of what we talk about:

  • How Ben went from directing a large practice to owning his own business
  • The realities of running a cash based practice
  • How Ben markets locally

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  • 33. E33: Best Practices for Building a PT Practice

    Wealth Coach Christopher Music joins us today on the podcast to discuss how he has help Physical Therapy and Rehab practices build for maximum value for almost 20 years, the basics you need to know before building your practice, and how you should think about practice income.How to think about debt How estate ties into your practices continuityHow to think about expanding your practice
  • 32. E32: Building Your Dream PT Practice through Community

    Corey Hiben, founder and owner of Andro Brands and host of The Health Hustle podcast, joins us today to talk about how he helps PT Practices buld their dream practice through marketing, social media, and building communities around your content.How you should focus your marketing effortsWhat he thinks is the most important thing a business needs in order to succeedBiggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when they are starting out their businessBe sure to check out Corey's podcast The Health Hustle
  • 31. E31: Provider and Credentialing Enrollment Best Practices

    Bill Sillar, Vice President of Business Development at Raintree, joins us today to talk about how provider and credentialing enrollment is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY when running a successful practice.Solving for compliance issuesThe dangers of not credentialing - ‘Dr. Death’Best practices for streamlining paperwork, reducing errors, and creating an efficient credentialing process
  • 30. E30: Developing Leadership and High-Performance Individuals in Your Practice

    Janie Taylor, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Confluent Health, talks with us about how to find the best people for your practice and how to provide them with leadership and development to create a high-performance culture.How revenue can help create a high-performance cultureTraining your providers to do operational tactics AND make human connections, manage emotions, and employ emotional intelligence when working with othersHow to motivate and inspire your employees
  • 29. E29: Removing Health System Barriers in PT for Better Access to Care

    Director of Rehabilitation Services at Sturdy Memorial, Keri Dickinson, joins us today to talk about better patient care, creating better efficiencies and workflows for referrals from providers, and how to establish better relationships with patients.How Kari measures successBetter management systemsExplanation of the clinical ladderMaking the process smoother for transition of care from inpatient to outpatient
  • 28. E28: PT Burnout and Provider Satisfaction Solutions Part 2

    We are back with Katie O'Bright, Owner of Redefine Health Education, in this part 2 of our 2 part special episode. On this half, Katie dives into the problems in the Physical Therapy industry with provider satisfaction and employee burnout.Solving the challenges of PT graduates not going into the industryWhy there aren't a lot of clinical sites for graduatesWhat employers can do to attract good talentAPTA Special Interest Group for pioneers and innovators in the PT spaceFind out more about Katie by visiting:
  • 27. E27: Shifting Your Therapy Model to Better Provide for Patients Part 1

    Katie O'Bright, Owner of Redefine Health Education, in this part 1 of a 2 part episode, joins us to discuss how she is helping practices adjust their therapy care models to better provide for patients.How therapy practices have evolved over the yearsFinding solutions for reimbursement issuesWhy people aren't shifting their therapy care modelsFind out more about Katie by visiting:
  • 26. E26: Key Considerations for Leaders Who Aim to Expand Their Practice

    Chief Product Officer at Raintree, Vu Nguyen, joins us to talk about how to expand and scale your practice and, our upcoming webinar series, "Focus on Growth," that can help you reach your business goals.Biggest things to consider when expanding your practiceTrends and challenges to keep in mindManaging patient engagement
  • 25. E25: Creating Leads Organically

    Tony Maritato, Owner of Total Therapy Solutions, joins us today to talk about how he attracts his customers using digital content.  Leveraging Youtube, he's amassed over 9 million views on video content!!!How he documents his sessions for his patient's questionsSolving HIPPA compliance for releasing patient sessionsBiggest opportunities for PTs in private practice