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The Secret Weapon for getting your baby sleeping through the night

Marina chats to paediatrician Dr Golly about how its actually Dads who are the most effective at settling babies and the benefits of this for all the family. Resources: The Dr Golly Sleep Programme is available online - find out more at

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  • Babyloss

    After a devastating diagnosis, Georgina Lucas and her husband made the agonizing decision to turn off their three week old son, Grey's, life support machine. Prepared to mother a baby but unprepared to navigate empty arms, Georgina wrote a book about his short life, about its beauty and the love and kindness of those around her. Marina talks to Georgina about how the heartache of losing a child often helps you live life better, in a more honest and vivid way and about how in the darkest of moments, joy can still be found. If Not For You by Georgina Lucas. The following charities support bereaved parents and have excellent resources: Child Bereavement UK, SANDS, Tommy's.
  • Common childhood illnesses

    We know children get sick but it seems a huge responsibility to know what it is and when you need more help. Marina talks to Dr Chiara Hunt about common childhood illnesses and when you need to take them to the doctor and hospital.
  • Supporting your shy child

    Are shy children less fun, is being shy a bad thing? Author, mentor and shyness campaigner Nadia Finer thinks not, that rather, if navigated in the right way, shyness can actually be a superpower. Marina talks to Nadia about how we can help our shy children make friends with shyness. Resources: Shy and Mighty: Your Shyness is a Superpower (for primary school children) and Shy and Mighty: How to step out of the shadows and live a bigger life - for older children and adults.
  • Postnatal Depletion

    The miracle of conception and childbirth comes at a price - and it's the mother who pays this. It's a mistake to think of pregnancy as just three trimesters - it's actually four - the final one about the recovery insists Dr Chiara Hunt. Marina and Chiara talk about what postnatal depletion looks like, and how to best treat it. Resources: The Postnatal Depletion Cure by Dr Oscar Serrallach, a great book. Explore Your Health App for remote bloodtests.
  • How long should I breastfeed for?

    Is there a magic amount of time that will deliver the most benefit to your child? The simple answer is no, but the question centres around the actual benefits of breastfeeding. Marina talks to midwife and breastfeeding specialist about the claimed benefits of breastfeeding and examining their accuracy in regard to the latest data for women living in the developed world.
  • Bedwetting

    Crippled by the shame, children who wet the bed often miss out on social activities like sleepovers and school trips. But what can you do about it? Marina talks to Dr Chiara Hunt about why children wet the bed and what can be done to treat it.
  • Parental Gender Disappointment

    It's common to care what sex your baby is - it is after all the first thing people ask. But what if you're really desperate for one sex and you're getting the other? We're all told that we should feel lucky to have a baby at all, and of course we are, but it's natural and common to have a preference. Marina talks to psychologist Dr Lindsay McMillan about the feeling of disappointment when you learn the sex of your child and how you can address it.
  • Keeping your child safe in summer

    Summer means long holidays, lots of time spent outside, learning new skills and having adventures…but also it's a time when accidents go up. Marina talks to Dr Chiara Hunt about what parents can do to keep their children safe during the summer holidays, what what to pack in your holiday first aid kit.