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Episode #17: Does Length Mean Quality?

Season 1, Ep. 17
Episode 17 is out today! Tune in now as we discuss the hot topic coming from Resident Evil Village's release: Do games have to be long to be good? Listen as we give our takes on whether length does equal quality or if there is room for a quick casual game in our busy adult lives. Will Butler be able to remain unbiased and put aside his love for all things RPG? Will Sales ever be able to appreciate a game that has story and characters? Can Koops find a game he'll complete one day? Find out today.For the first time ever we also hear from guests who give us their take on the idea too. Listen as Sir Richard Pritchard, Cage Fighting Pod, Geekachu Podcast & Backlog & Beyond Podcast share their views and be sure to check out their podcasts for more great content.Also featuring in our 2 Side Quests is a quick burst of Internet Critics: Can Butler carry on his Metacritic dominance or will Sales complete his hero's journey to take the crown? Speaking of Sales, he sits down for a round of Host Hotseat; a quick fire round of gaming questions to get to know us a little better (despite Sales' best efforts to prevent this at all costs).Thank you for listening and as always, we'd love for you to join the conversation over on Instagram & Twitter @openworldshow and tweet us using the hashtag #openworldshow or send us a DM if you want to have your opinion featured on our next show. You can support us by leaving us a review and subscribing wherever you catch us: it really does help! See you next week brave adventurers.