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The Mouth Of Manliness

Season 3 finale

Season 3, Ep. 26

Hello lovely people. This week we celebrate the end of season 3. its been a magical season with some real highlights for us. We look back over some of our experiences and same of our fantastic guests. Thank you all so much for listening and we hope you have a great xmas. We will see you in the new year x

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  • 25. Jag Singh

    This week our guest is author, presenter and motivational speaker Jag Singh. He is real inspiration and he shares his story of overcoming racist abuse and being determined to make the world a better place. He offers loads of tips on how to be more happy and we generally had a really great chat with this very lovely man.
  • 24. Matt Sinkovitz

    This week our guest is Matt Sinkovitz he is a porn abstinence and accountability coach. We learn how people can use porn in a self destructive way and what you can do to avoid it. We also talk a lot about mental health and being well. It's a really interesting one this week.
  • 23. Tess Brigham

    This week our guest is psychotherapist, Forbes contributor and millennial therapist specialist Tess Brigham. She offers some fantastic insights into the issues we face in the modern world and how we can navigate them to live happier and more fulfilled lives. This episode is full of tips and techniques that we can all use. Not to be missed.
  • 22. Camp Bestival

    This week we have our live episode recorded at Camp Bestival! what an amazing day it was and this episode is fantastic. We opened it up to the audience and we were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Alex. Who shared their experiences with gender and sexuality. Its a real treat and we hope you enjoy it.
  • 21. David Tovey

    This week is a special one. Our guest is the artist David Tovey and his life story is incredible! With highs and crushing lows, he keeps going and he is a true survivor and an inspiration. This is an amazing episode and I hope you like it.
  • 20. Rachel jepson

    Welcome Back! This week we talk to the lovely Rachel Jepson a musician and therapist. She provides therapy to fellow musicians and we get to see that even the biggest stars in the world have fears and anxieties just like the rest of us. Rachel also shares her own experiences with mental health and we look at loads of great tips on how to manage. This one is a banger!
  • 19. Live at Frank Turners Lost Evenings

    This is a very special episode. Frank Turner invited us to do a live podcast at Lost Evenings at the Camden Roundhouse. This is the recording of that show. Our guest are Frank Turner, Johnny Marriot from Pet Needs and Simon Gunning from the mental health charity CALM. Possibly our best and most exciting episode ever!
  • 18. Neil Read

    Hello Lovely people, this week we have the inspirational Neil Read talking to us about his epic trekking to raise moneyed awareness for the mental health charity My Black Dog! Neil shares his own life journey with us and talks about how he has struggled with mental health issues and how he came to find trekking as a means of coping. Neil is a total legend and his story is very inspiring. Hope you enjoy.