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The Monster Hunters

The Hand of Anubis

Season 1, Ep. 3

WHAT are the contents of the mysterious package from Egypt addressed to Lorrimer Chestefield? IS the title of Episode 3 a clue, or simply a coincidence? HAS the greatest monster hunting mind of the 1970s fallen victim to an ancient curse? WHAT use, if any, is Sir Maxwell House? Or will he be plying our heroes with drink again?Join us and discover the truth behind the death of Margot Chesterfield in Episode 3 of The Monster Hunters, The Hand of Anubis.

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  • 1. The Discoteque of Nights

    Two hundred years ago the forces of evil were finally vanquished into Hell. But today, in 1971, they have returned. Sir Maxwell House has called Roy Steel and Professor Lorrimer Chesterfield to his house to discuss some strange occurrences revolving around London's hottest new nightspot, The Discoteque of Nights. This is a job for ... The Monster Hunters!
  • 2. The Heir of the Dog

    WHAT is the fearsome beast terrorising England's Richest Man? WHO is the mysterious Madeline Lockheart and what secrets does she hide? WILL Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield save the day, or are they doomed to make wisecracks and bicker like normal?
  • 4. The Hour of the Witch

    WHAT terrorful craze is sweeping through the innocent ladies of London like some kind of terrorful craze? WILL Roy Steel become a victim of temptation? CAN Lorrimer Chesterfield convince the police to drive at a sensible speed?
  • 5. The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman

    WHAT ancient evil is coiled beneath the streets of London? ARE the living dead really on the loose? And could these two events be connected in some way? (HINT: Yes) WHO is the mysterious Tiffany and what hold does she have over Sir Maxwell House?
  • 6. The Powers of Lord Greg

    IS Roy Steel's visit to the town of Karnstadt the work or a devious mastermind or an over enthusaistic tourist board? WHO is Lord Greg Powers and what grudge does he hold against our heroes? CAN Lorrimer Chersterfield save Roy from a perilous fate of terror or will his own problems overwhelm him?
  • 7. Taste the Scars of Orloff

    WHO has resurrected the fearsome Count Orloff from his ultra secure resting place? HOW secure was his resting place anyway (hint: It was designed by Sir Maxwell)? CAN our heroes prevent the entire country falling victim to Orloff's terrifying powers? and, WHAT secret sits in the relative safety of Roy's flat?
  • 8. The Haunting of Roy Steel

    WHY is Roy's wife sat in Roy's flat? What does she want with Roy? How many times can you put the word Roy into a paragraph? WHAT horrors lie in the spooky old house? Do the secrets of its curse lie in the mind of Mrs Brownlow? HOW? Just how?
  • 1. They Stole Lorrimer's Brain!

    WITNESS! A fiendish doctor with a lust for brains! EXPERIENCE! The horror of his menagerie of beasts! GASP! As The Monster Hunters begins it's second sensational series!