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Bowie, Chastity Belts and Speed-Eating

Season 12, Ep. 3
How did the credit card come to be invented? Who was the first man to be cryogenically frozen? And have you heard of the experimental drug club where Victor Hugo used to toke?The answers to these questions – and many hundreds more – can be found in the daily history podcastTHE RETROSPECTORS, and in this special compilation for Mann-Fans, Olly introduces three brilliant episodes of the show, themed around The Modern Mann’s regular preoccupations – trends, music and sex...You’ll learn how much mayonnaise a woman can physically consume; how David Bowie and Queen came together to record ‘Under Pressure’; and the strange story of the Frenchman who made his wife wear a chastity belt.To get our entertaining, ten-minute ‘on this day in history’ digest each and every weekday, FOLLOW THE SHOW NOW:• Apple Podcasts:• Spotify:• Google Podcasts:• PocketCasts:• Podcast Addict:• Castbox:• RSS: andThe Modern Mann will be back on April 10th!Further Reading:• ‘Woman eats 5 lbs of mayo in 3 minutes | Guinness World Record’ (SoAmazing TV, 2018):• ‘Feel Like’ (1981), the demo Queen recorded before Bowie turned up:• ‘Are They Real? The Dubious History Of Chastity Belts’ (Ripleys, 2019): Retrospectors are Olly Mann, Rebecca Messina & Arion McNicoll, with Matt Hill.Theme Music: Pass The Peas. Announcer: Bob Ravelli. Graphic Design: Terry Saunders. Edit Producer: Emma Corsham.Copyright: Rethink Audio / Olly Mann 2022.

Beneath The Avalanche

Season 13, Ep. 3
After surviving an incredible 200ft plunge from the Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia, multi-sport athlete Adam Campbellthought his mountaineering days were behind him.But, thanks in part to his wife, Dr. Laura Kosakoski, Adam was able to return to the slopes.Then, one day in 2020, he triggered an avalanche - with catastrophic consequences for both of them…As Adam explains in this emotional interview with Olly, dealing with the fallout has meant coming to terms with guilt, accepting his vulnerability, and tackling the notion of ‘high-performance grief’. Adam’s blog,Muddy Socks, can be found at:muddy-socks.ghost.ioIn the Zeitgeist, Ollie Peartinvestigates the environmental impacts of the death care industryand the trend in Washington State for human composting, with the help of Return Home’s Katey Houston.Our record of the month is ‘In The Wake Of Your Leave’ from Gang of you can afford to, please buy us a beer using our secure - and who knows, you could be a MANNBASSADOR in a future episode, like lucky Dan, David, Garry and Angela today! And Philip the cat, of course. If you’re a cat.This episode is supported by:•Pact, the specialty subscription coffee company. New customers get a free V60 filter kit when you sign up to a Pact planand enter the code MANN•Betterhelp,the world’s largest online therapy platform. Get10% off your first month of affordable, private therapy• Stitch Fix, the personal styling site that sends you great clothes to try on at home. Get started today and get 20% off when you keep all five items• Manscaped, the only men’s brand dedicated to below the waist grooming. Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code ‘Mann’We’ll be back (Alix Fox included) on April 10thCONTENT WARNING: account of extreme sports injury, moment of death, and suicidal thoughts. Zeitgeist includes description of body decomposition. UK Samaritans:116 123US National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255Australia, Lifeline 13 11 14.Other countries can be found at Olly Mann. Producer: Matt Hill: Contributors: Adam Campbell, Ollie Peart, Gang Of Youths. Thanks: Katey Houston. Theme Music: Django Django. Graphic Design: Terry Saunders. © Rethink Audio / Olly Mann 2022.

Taking The Credit

Season 13, Ep. 2
Getting a screenplay into production is notoriously tough. Writer Jack Barth came closer than most - scripting an episode of The Simpsons, and attracting the attention of Lord Puttnam at Columbia Pictures. He achieved his dream after 40 years in the business, when his script ‘Cover Version’ was optioned by Working Title.But, as Jack explains in this interview with Olly, the journey from page to screen was not as he’d hoped. His script was adapted into Yesterday, written by Richard Curtis and directed by Danny Boyle. The movie made over $150m, but Jack never received another penny, and watched from the sidelines as Curtis’ publicity interviews for the film implied he’d never read Jack’s script. At a screening, Jack’s ‘Story By’ credit was “buried” in the closing titles.• Jack’s script:• Richard Curtis on ‘In The Studio’:• Thanks to ‘The 237: Film School Podcast’: have approached Richard Curtis for a response.---Meanwhile, in the Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart is investigating the world of non-fungible tokens by minting - and offering up for auction - the very first Modern Mann NFTs.As is his wont, he’s taken to virtual reality to do it. Can he persaude a hardcore Mann-Fan to snap up his digital wares? What is the environmental cost of trading with Ethereum? And are NFTs a fad - or here to stay?• Visit the virtual space Ollie set up at Spatial: Zeitgeist is sponsored by Manscaped, the only men’s brand dedicated to below the waist grooming. Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code ‘Mann’ at, in the Foxhole, Alix Fox investigates dating after divorce. At 40+, is it possible (or desirable) to leave the ‘baggage’ from your previous relationships at the door? Plus, she dishes out some advice for a listener considering experimenting with polyamory.The Foxhole is sponsored by Handy - a WiFi-enabled sex toy for men, designed in Norway. For free express shipping, use our code ‘Foxhole' at record of the month is ‘Holiday From Reality’, a soulful number from jazz powerhouse Poppy Ajudha.---This episode is sponsored by:• Pact, the speciality subscription coffee company. New customers get a free V60 filter kit (worth £11) when they sign up to a Pact plan at and enter MANN at checkout.• Betterhelp, the world’s largest online therapy platform. Get 10% off your first month of affordable, private therapy at in touch with the show and buy us a beer via our website, MODERNMANN.CO.UK And we’ll be back on March 10th.Presenter: Olly Mann. Producer: Matt Hill: Contributors: Jack Barth, Ollie Peart, Alix Fox, Poppy Ajudha. Thanks: Martin Law. Theme Music: Django Django. Graphic Design: Terry Saunders. © Rethink Audio / Olly Mann 2022.