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The Cheesemonger Series: Rachael Lucas

Season 3, Ep. 5

Rachael Lucas has been hustling hard in the Seattle cheese world to create her perfect cheese job. She's built relationships in the wine world, leading to her current hyper-fixation and a perfect blend of passions. From cheese classes to small cases in wineries' tasting rooms, she's trying, and succeeding at solidifying her place.

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IG: @cheeseladyloveswineseattle

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    Opening a cheese shop is no easy feat, but once you get past the initial opening, you have the challenge of keeping the doors open. In this episode, we check in with Laura Downey from Fairfield & Greenwich Cheese Company about some of the strategies they've employed to keep the lights on and make the shop a valued part of the community.Here are your links to connect with Laura and the team!IG: @fairfieldgreenwichcheesecoWebsite:
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    The role of women in cheesemaking is a storied one with a rich history that spans centuries, but too often, it gets told in sidebar paragraphs in cheese books. Mary Casella is looking to change that. As the first recipient of the Daphne Zepos Research Award, she dug deep into the history of women cheesemaking, and she presented her findings through the stories of three women at the American Cheese Society annual conference. We talk about that research and gush a bit about the wonderful women that make up the cheese industry. If you missed her presentation in Portland, keep an eye out on the DZTE social channels to sign up for the next time she is presenting. @dzte2022Follow Mary on IG: @mlkbtchPhoto of Mary by Al PomperFind me on IG: @the_mobile_monger
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  • 15. The Monger Series: Evey

    Evey has worked in cheese for a few years but made a splash this year as they competed in both San Francisco and New York's Cheesemonger Invitational. What makes that extraordinary was that they went from the bottom in SF to the Top 6 in NYC! Evey and I have a lot to discuss as our lineages coincide in many ways, from growing up poor in Oregon and getting our cheese chops behind a grocery store cheese counter. Evey's IG: @cheese_isle