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The Cheeseletes: Back In The Vat Grant

Season 3, Ep. 4

The passionate, hard-working people that brought you a 5k during the middle of a cheese conference are back with more tricks under their sweatbands! They've added some friends and created grants geared towards cheese professionals to get experiences at some of the best in the biz. The deadline to apply for these grants is right around the corner on February 28th, 2023, so now is the time for the last push!

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  • 7. The Cheesemaker Series: Capriole Goat Cheese

    Many legacy cheesemakers in the American Artisan Cheesemaking scene are trying to figure out what's next for them. Some have sold to larger foreign entities, and some brands have been lost. At Capriole in Greenville, Indiana, Sam Schad is working to fill his grandmother's shoes. It's a lot to fill but Sam is doing it with gratitude and a bit of gumption.
  • 6. The Cheesemaker Series: Ron Henningfeld

    Hill Valley Dairy is making big moves in Wisconsin and may soon extend its reach outside of the cheese state's borders. Listen in as Ron Henningfeld recounts his pure Wisconsin dairy tale.IG@hillvalleydairyHill Valley Dairy
  • 5. The Industry Series: Tyson Danilson

    Take a walk through Seattle's food history over the last 15 years with Tyson Danilson and learn how he's made the switch from distribution to food brokerage.IG@cheesetruckinCascade Direct
  • 4. The Industry Series: Tracey Colley

    The days of "The Cheese Primer" being the primary source of cheese education are long over. These days, we are fortunate enough to have things like the Academy of Cheese. Based in the UK, this tiered cheese education program will lead cheese professionals and lovers into a more profound knowledge base on cheese's many layers.Academy of CheeseIG: @cheese_academy
  • 3. The Cheese Shop Series: Street Cheese

    Consider this episode a Spring pledge drive because I am chatting with the ladies behind Street Cheese, and we are talking about their Indiegogo campaign to open their brick-and-mortar shop here in Seattle. After four years of hard work building their name, they are angling to have a permanent home. They tell us all about their vision, the hurdles to get there, and what dealing with commercial real estate in Seattle is like.Please donate or share this episode to find people wanting to back this worthy venture! @streetcheesesea
  • 2. The Cheesemaker Series: Urban Stead Cheese Co

    Urban Stead Cheese just celebrated its sixth year in business, and this episode is all about how they got there. Andrea tells all about how they gutted a building to create the cheesemaking space of their dreams. Urban Stead CheeseIG: @urbansteadcheese
  • 1. The Cheesemaker Series: Klein River Cheese

    South Africa has had a rich history of agriculture and fermented dairy products. Still, it's only been within the last 100 years that cheese has played a part, mostly due to colonization. During apartheid, cheesemakers had to sell their cheese to the government, which led to only a few styles being made. Since the end of apartheid, an innovative cheese industry has started to bloom. Klein River Cheese is one of the cheesemakers making a name for themselves in South Africa and the world. Ray Siebrits joins me to chat all about cheesemaking in South Africa. Find Kleinn River Cheese: Klein River CheeseIG: @kleinrivercheeseThe Mobile Monger Patreon
  • 8. The Industry Series: Erika Kubick

    Social Media has helped us connect in entirely new ways, and Erika Kubick is out here doing Cheesus' work by preaching the word of curd to the masses. Author, IG baddie, and cheese educator, there isn't much Erika can't do, but we chat about the pitfalls of living your life online and the lack of money that entails if you want to stay true to your creative vision.Find Erika here: the black garlic honey mentioned in the episode here:
  • 7. The Cheese Shop Series: Agnes Restaurant and Cheesery

    While we've lost some big-name cheese shops over the last couple of years, we've added some new flavors to the roster. One of the cheese show's new stars is Agnes Cheesery and Restaurant in Pasadena, California.Vanessa and Thomas Tilaka Kalb, two professionally trained chefs who love cheese, opened this venture in 2021 but started the process in 2018. We chat about everything it took to open it in an uncertain time.Find the shop and restaurant here: