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The Media Podcast with Matt Deegan

Media Business Podcast #1: The Oscars' Business

In the first of a series of specials, we've partnered with the team at Media Business Insight to take a closer look at the media business - brought to you monthly by Media Business Insight, the publisher of Screen International and Broadcast.


In this inaugural episode, Screen International editor Matt Mueller is joined by the director of Film4 Daniel Battsek and Screen International’s chief film critic Finn Halligan and features editor Charles Gant to discuss this year’s awards season, looking in particular at what it means for talent and studios and what it takes to win an Oscar these days. As a former president of Miramax and Buena Vista International, Battsek reflects on how awards season has changed over the years.


In the second part of the episode, we sit down with Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley from Number 9 Films, who will be honoured at this year’s Bafta film awards ceremony for their Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema. Producers of acclaimed features including Carol, Made In Dagenham and Colette, Karlsen and Woolley discuss what the Bafta honour means to them as independent producers, and what it’s like to navigate the awards season trail. It’s a journey that goes all the way back to 1992’s The Crying Game.

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  • 268. Kyle & Jackie O: Make Up Your Own Mind...

    Why is Australian radio so risqué? Matt Deegan welcomes Craig Bruce, who launched Kyle and Jackie O's First Breakfast Show before becoming head of content for SCA and a radio consultant.We also talk to James Corden's podcast producer, Geoff Jein, who started out at BBC Radio 2 before moving to Perth to work on breakfast radio.Standby for lessons for broadcasters everywhere from how producers manage big talen, the 10 year deal to lock them in, how Britain's Christian O'Connell wowed Australians and bagged a $5 million a year deal.Content warning: strong language
  • 267. It’s A (Commercial) Radio Golden Age

    We decamp to Bauer’s shiny new studios in Euston to unpick the latest RAJAR listening figures and glean why commercial radio is on the up. Media news and analysis, with guests radio exec Paul Sylvester (Absolute Radio) and broadcast consultant Paul Robinson.Also on the programme: publishers take aim at the BBC’s podcast ad plans, why working class creatives aren’t getting the chances they used to...And, in the Media Quiz, we pit people against places. A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill. Thanks to Bauer Media Group and engineer James Walker for hosting the recording of this episode.
  • 266. Where Now For Disney+? Plus awards fever from BAFTAs & ARIAs

    After a BBC-dominated ARIAs and with the BAFTA TV awards just around the corner, Matt Deegan is joined by host of Countdown to The BAFTAs, Alex Zane and media writer Caroline Frost to take us through it all.Also on the programme: Sky Sports cross the rubicon and broadcast 3pm matches. Disney+ looks to do fewer things better - so where are they putting all that Marvel money?All that plus we talk Eurovision controversy, why publishers are not fans of Google right now and, in the Media Quiz, we play... does it float?A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill with support from Ollie Peart. Love our look and sound? Hire for your next recording - and get 25% off your first booking when you use the code MEDIAPOD.
  • 266. Forget PR... Does The Media Need Better HR?

    After difficult weeks for the BBC and Global, we look at why looking after your talent may help your reputation. Media news and analysis with Matt Deegan and guests media writer Maggie Brown and Deadline’s International Investigations Editor Jake Kanter.Also on the programme: as US newspapers take OpenAI to court, we look at what the Financial Times is doing differently.All that plus, we say farewell to The Reader’s Digest, discuss the changes at LBC and, in the Media Quiz, we play our most confusing game ever. Strap in.A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill. Love our look and sound? Hire for your next recording - and get 25% off your first booking when you use the code MEDIAPOD. 
  • 265. The BAFTAs are coming...

    The BAFTA TV Awards are coming... and we thought we'd share this fascinating new podcast from BAFTA that explores the nominees.It's calles Countdown To The BAFTAs, and it's made by the producers of The Media Podcast (and has a few familar voices in it too).Alex Zane is your host - in this episode he reveals the documentaries in contention - what does the Spider-Man of Paris have in common with The Enfield Poltergeist? Find out as Alex is joined by TV exec Faraz Osman and foreign affairs journalist, documentary filmmaker and author Ramita Navai to discuss a challenging yet creatively ambitious year for factual production teams.The nominees discussed:FACTUAL SERIESDUBLIN NARCOS Benedict Sanderson, Claire McFall, Sacha Baveystock, Edmund Coulthard, Megan Taylor, Laura Dunne – Blast! Films / Sky DocumentariesEVACUATION Production Team - Wonderhood Studios / Channel 4LOCKERBIE Nancy Strang, John Dower, Claire McFall, Barnaby Fry, Dejan Cancar, Charlie Hawryliw - Mindhouse Productions / Sky DocumentariesONCE UPON A TIME IN NORTHERN IRELAND Production Team - KEO Films, Walk On Air Films, The Open University / BBC TwoSINGLE DOCUMENTARYDAVID HOLMES: THE BOY WHO LIVED Dan Hartley, Kevin Konak, Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Vanessa Davies, Amy Stares - Lightbox, HBO / SkyDocumentariesELLIE SIMMONDS: FINDING MY SECRET FAMILY Jasleen Sethi, David Thompson, Colleen Flynn, Kathryn Jein, Nick Underhill - Flicker Productions / ITV1HATTON Daniel Dewsbury, Paul Yoshida, Sam Bergson, Ian Davies, John McKenna - Noah Media Group / Sky DocumentariesVJERAN TOMIC: THE SPIDER-MAN OF PARIS Jamie Roberts, Dan Reed - Amos Pictures / NetflixSPECIALIST FACTUALCHIMP EMPIRE James Reed, Matt Houghton, Callum Webster, Matt Cole - KEO Films, Underdog Films / NetflixTHE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST Jerry Rothwell , Al Morrow, Stewart le Maréchal, Nicole Stott, Jonathan Silberberg, Davis Guggenheim - MetFilm, Concordia Studio / Apple TV+FORCED OUT Luke Korzun Martin, Sophie Perrins, Chibuikem Oforka, Josh Green, Tom Pullen, Richard Bond - Dragonfly / Sky DocumentariesWHITE NANNY, BLACK CHILD Andy Mundy-Castle, Natasha Dack Ojumu, Rochelle Newman, Zeb Achonu, Ross Leppard, Rachael McLean-Anderson - Doc Hearts, TigerLily Productions, BFI / Channel 5
  • 264. Get ready for the podcast election

    As broadcasters begin to announce their lineups, what will Ofcom do about Nigel Farage? Media news and analysis, this week with media writer and chair of Broadcasting Press Guild Manori Ravindran and The Media Leader’s Ella Sagar.Also on the programme: we’re in Bristol for the Creative Cities Convention and hear reasons to be cheerful from broadcaster David Olusoga and Screenskill’s Laura Mansfield.All that plus, changes at Virgin Radio, why Channel 4 is thinking beyond England.... and, in the Media Quiz, it’s American imports and exports.A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill. Love our look and sound? Hire for your next recording - and get 25% off your first booking when you use the code MEDIAPOD. 
  • 263. A Factual Funding Crisis & Joe Lycett's Churnalism

    The BBC has been criticised this week by MPs for their plans to move production across the UK in a project, the broadcaster calls 'Across the UK'. The corporation are also planning on introducing performance related pay for some of it's top talent. Media news and analysis, with host Matt Deegan, Gold Walla's MD Faraz Osman and Kimberly Godbolt co-founder of Talented People.Joe Lycett returned to Channel 4 on Friday, launching a new series of his late night show with a publicity stunt involving fake stories in the press. The panel discuss what impact this stunt may of had on the discussion around fake news. All that plus we welcome NPR to the election cycle and, in the Media Quiz, it’s all your favourite media stats of the week.A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill. Love our look and sound? Hire for your next recording - and get 25% off your first booking when you use the code MEDIAPOD.
  • 262. Special: How To Prepare For A General Election

    Execs from several newsrooms come together to debate how to cover the next general election in this brave new world of AI, deep fakes and partial broadcasting. Media news and analysis with Matt Deegan.We speak to Sam Woodhouse, the BBC’s Election Night Editor about the updates coming to the broadcaster’s coverage - and why some new technologies are hard to adapt to Britain’s electoral system.Katy Searle ran the BBC’s political coverage for eight years during three elections - and tells Matt why the leaders debate this year will be hotly contested by the new upstarts, GB News and Talk TV.Also on the programme: writer Alex Huson takes a look at the finances at News UK, and why book optioning is getting expensive for studios. And Professor Rob Ford tells us what the key narratives are likely to be... and when that elusive election may take place.Special thanks to James Ball and The Media Society for inviting us. Find out about future Media Society events at themediasociety.comA Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill. Love our look and sound? Hire for your next recording - and get 25% off your first booking when you use the code MEDIAPOD. 
  • 261. C4 Scopes In-House Production, BBC In Flux, MIPTV London

    How does Channel 4 plan to run its own production arm? And how long does the BBC have in its current form? Matt Deegan is joined by Dr Jon Wardle (NFTS) and broadcast consultant Ann Charles to digest the week’s media news.Also on the programme: when the local radio market fails, can community radio fill the gap? Trevor Dann reports from Whitehall.All that plus, we look at plans to move MIPTV from Cannes to London, why The Independent had picked up Buzzfeed... and, in the Media Quiz, we ask where all the talent has gone. A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill. Love our look and sound? Hire for your next recording - and get 25% off your first booking when you use the code MEDIAPOD.