The Math of You


Episode 042 - History, Music and the Nerd’s Amen, feat. Marian Call

Ep. 42

Singer and songwriter Marian Call is here to discuss music and history. Along the way we discuss musicians that don’t want you to spread the word, how sometimes the easiest way to get something done is to join a nunnery, and how, when self-employed, to manage your most difficult employee

Signature Cocktail: Vespers

It’s a drink to quiet our minds, calm our hearts, and move toward deeper levels of our own nature

1 teaspoon dry vermouth
1 1/2oz single malt scotch
1/2oz Pedro Ximenez sherry
1/2oz Amaro Montenegro
2 grinds black pepper
twist of lemon, to garnish

Pour the vermouth into a cocktail glass, turning the glass to coat the entire internal surface. Combine scotch, sherry, amaro and pepper in a mixing jug with ice and stir rapidly to combine. Tip the vermouth out of the glass, and strain in the cocktail. Top with another grind of pepper, and garnish with a twist of lemon peel

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