The Math of You


Episode 050 - The Return of Rosie Fletcher

Writer, podcaster, and film critic Rosie Fletcher returns to the Math of You. Along the course of this conversation, we talk about how the power of friendship can defeat anything, except for moths, ideal roles for Henry Cavill, and I have one of my viewpoints challenged so hard, I’m surprised I didn’t burst into flames.

Signature Cocktail: the Unbeatable Aviation

Is it strong? Listen bud: it’s got a large amount of alcohol. Surprise! You might end up talking to squirrels.

2oz gin (use Ink Peaberry Gin for extra colour)
1/4oz Luxardo juice
1/2oz elderflower liqueur
1/2oz lemon juice
cherry and twist of lemon, for garnish

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice, and shake vigourously. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with lemon twist and cherry.

-For the classic Aviation, reduce the gin by 1/2 ounce and replace the elderflower with 3/4oz Creme de Violette or Creme Yvette.

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