The Math of You


Episode 060 - The Return of James Leask

Ep. 60

Podcaster and indigenous media critic James Leask returns to the Math of You. Along the course of this conversation, we discuss the smell of a Canadian Tire store, how authenticity in food culture is both important and a fool’s game, and Emmylou Harris, who is  always ready to be back, because she never really left.

Signature Cocktail: The Night Flyer

Fly away with your troubles and drop them somewhere/And if you're only dreaming I don't really care

1.5oz gin
1.5oz cold drip coffee liqueur (Mr Black or Illy, NOT Kahlua) OR 3oz cold drip coffee
3oz tonic water
1 thick lemon wedge
Combine gin and coffee or coffee liqueur with ice in a beaker and stir to combine. Strain over new ice in an old fashioned glass, and top up with tonic water. Squeeze lemon wedge into glass and drop in.

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