The Math of You


Episode 067 - Art, Comics and Abominations, feat. Emily Pearson

Ep. 67

Illustrator and concept artist Emily Pearson is here to talk about art, comics books and how to go from one to the other. Along the way, we laud the power of a comic book layout, how every comic could be someone’s first, and how zombies made of flowers are nowhere near as cute as you’d think.

Signature Cocktail: The Violet Zombie

A restrained version of the overpowered knockout punch of yesteryear, and far less likely to leave you feeling like the living dead.

1oz white rum

1oz dark rum

1 1/2oz orange juice

1oz lemon juice

1/4oz lime juice

1/4oz grenadine

1oz blue curaçao

Crushed ice

spring of mint for garnish

Combine ingredients in a blender with ice, and pulse to combine. Pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with mint.


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