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The Main Draw

Low Points in Broadcast History

We discuss our own least favorite commentator moments - from Charlie Rose's asking Rog how to hold a racquet to Dick Enberg's Oh My - with our friend Erik Fabian.

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  • The Lone Wolf

    The Main Draw is back with some bold predictions for the Australian Open—will only children have an advantage? We also conduct a proper breakdown of vanity racquets, and satisfy our fan by doing what we do best, evaluating tennis fashion.
  • Bubble in a Bubble

    Chris joins a courtside Caitlin to talk about the Paire 11, bubble drama, and embracing your inner villain.
  • Oy

    Come for the obligatory talk about Novak Djokovic's disastrous Adria Tour, stay for the detours into Scientology, GOOP and Tr*mpism.
  • Five Minute Increments

    Chris and his son discover a strangely fulfilling way to watch tennis during the pandemic, and we revisit the greatness of Mal Washington, Stan the Man and Goran Ivaneisevic.
  • Pretty Like a Woman

    Chris and Caitlin introduce the self-growing lawn tennis solution, long for the days of surface specialists and talk about which men on tour are pretty, like women.
  • Hypebeasts

    Sure we love tennis here at The Main Draw, but we mainly like tennis style—and today we go deep on sneaker culture and why so few sneakers that look good with jeans work well on court (and vice versa).
  • Unchained, uncensored

    By semi-popular demand, we provide you with the HOTTEST OF TAKES about how tennis can improve in the wake of this year's bananas US Open.
  • The Scales Fall From Our Eyes

    Novak superfan, friend of the pod, and host of the tremendously popular Vox show Today, Explained,Sean Rameswaram shares how his feelings on Nole have evolved in our Wimbledon recap episode.
  • La Terre Battue

    Caitlin gives a report from the road at Roland Garros, slags on dumb journalist questions while Chris makes dated predictions about French Open winners and losers that will make no sense by the time you listen.