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EP - 34 - LA Metro Project

Great conversation with filmmaker Matthew Oquendo. We talk net neutrality, deceptive social media marketing, and his new web series the LA Metro Project ( Music spotlight on Keem (

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  • EP - 78 - J!MMY

    Great conversation with New York-based recording artist J!MMY, we featured J!mmy in episode 77 highlighting his songs "Love You," "Blue," and "EZ." A week later reached out for an interview in New York. Tune in as we talk life, creative process, and his forthcoming EP. Keep a lookout for "Adrift" J!MMY's upcoming single and music video featuring Jesse Gibson dropping on December 13th. All music is available on all streaming platforms!
  • EP - 77 - Salamat Yoga

    ANNND We’re BACK! Great conversation with Marco Antonio Founder of Salamat Yoga ( Born & bred as a Los Angeles native, Marco embodies the aura of the city through his creative vibrations. Since an early age, he was fascinated with art & movement imitating his idols: Micheal Jackson, Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, & The Ultimate Warrior. During his early years, he immersed himself into break dancing & mixed martial arts where he earned accolades as an accomplished international competitor. Through his exploration of movement arts, he unraveled a universe of unforeseen physical and mental parallel concepts through the art of yoga.  Salamat derives from common dialects of the Philippines meaning “gratitude” in connection with the Arabic translation meaning “get well” or “You’re welcome.” The intent is to bridge the gap by encouraging diversity & eliminating the stereotypes of yoga to create a good vibe experience for the masses. Salamat Yoga has been featured in LA’s finest venues from the Ace Hotel, The Grove, the Row DTLA. Music spotlight on J!mmy
  • EP - 76 - Scoot Scoop

    Great conversation with Dan and John; Founders of Scoot Scoop. A free scooter removal business based in San Diego, CA. The city of San Diego is overrun with scooters. Many of the scooter companies operate under a business model that has little regard for public safety, ADA laws, or private property. The real reason is that most of the scooter companies do not truly care who they impose on while they make their money. As long as armies of electric scooters are allowed to charge people’s credit cards, most of the scooter companies could care less where they roam, or how they are operated. It is a “leave-it-anywhere,” “impose-on-everyone” philosophy of operating a business that unfortunately disrespects public safety and the private property rights of others. Tune into this weeks episode and listen to Dan and John’s David Vs. Goliath story! Also, gaining coverage from The New York Times, Forbes, and Fox Business. The two entrepreneurs are taking a stand against billion dollar corporations. Music spotlight on Profedik (
  • EP - 75 - Ningong's Cafe

    Great conversation with Kissa of Ninong's Cafe ( Ninong’s Cafe opened its doors in October of 2008 with one main goal in mind: to share Filipino culture and food with our community. Ninong’s is a family-owned and operated business and runs our day-to-day operations out of our cafe/bake shop in Northridge, CA, a suburb north of Los Angeles. The bake shop offers Filipino-American inspired Pastries, Breakfast, and Lunch items. Our pastries are made and baked in our shop from our family’s recipes. We also offer our popular Barako Coffee and Filipino Teas imported directly from the Philippines. Tune in to the podcast as we discuss how @ninongscafe became an iconic valley favorite and the beautiful story on how they share the Filipino culture and food with the community through their cafe /bake shop.
  • EP - 74 - Coco Lily

    Great conversation with Coco Lily ( A professional coconut chopper and experience curator. Tune in as we discuss the magical healing powers of coconuts, not reducing your worth, and building out your dream job. Music spotlight on Sir Karri
  • EP - 73 - WHADAFUNK Clothing Co.

    Great conversation with John G. Founder of New York-based WHADAFUNK Clothing Co. Whadafunk is a brand that represents the DIY creative culture. Taking cues from skateboarding, motorcycles, and graffiti... they’ve created a lane of their own. Tune in as we talk NYC, streetwear, and how to build your own brand. Music spotlight on Reggie Rare (
  • EP - 72 - SoPhresh Culinary Services

    Great conversation with Chef Sophia Wang( Sophia grew up in the industry because of her successful restaurateur father and started her culinary career 10 years ago after graduating at Le Cordon Bleu. Since then she has worked for hotels, restaurants, cooked for professional NBA players, PGA tournaments, catered weddings, opened two restaurants and hasn't stopped since. As a Korean and Chinese American, she believes in giving back to her roots and fuses her french cooking style with an Asian flare. Chef Sophia has the passion to fuel her drive and hopes to share that passion with you. Listen in as we discuss being a restaurateur, doing what you love, and trusting the process. Music spotlight on Knxledge
  • EP - 71 - Taste Of The Pacific

    Great conversation with Jeff & Rachel of Taste Of The Pacific. A Filipino style BBQ events + catering company based in Southern California. Listen in as we talk about making the right connections, building from the ground up, and the entrepreneurial grind! Music spotlight on Russ Coson (, Profedik (, and Engelwood (
  • EP - 70 - Gold Mind Studios

    Great conversation with Founder & Owner Will Santos of Gold Mind Studios ( We talk the art of mixing, his creative process, and paying dues. Music spotlight on Gold Mind Studios alumni Ninesem (@Ninesem), Martin Nidal (@my_visiion), and Philly K (@phillykmusic).