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Navigating Tragedy: Finding Strength in Life's Challenges | Beth Booker

Season 2, Ep. 59

Beth Booker, a public relations professional, shares her powerful story of resilience and hope on The Life Shift Podcast. In this episode, she opens up about the trauma of losing her birth parents at a young age and how it has shaped her life. Beth talks about the challenges of growing up without parents and how her grandparents stepped in to adopt her, providing her with a new family and a sense of stability.

"Every day that I get past 33 and onward is a gift for both of us. It's something that I'm living my life for, not only myself, my children but for him. And so I think that is something really special. It's like a way to honor your parent in a way." - Beth Booker

Throughout the conversation, Beth offers candid insights into the impact her childhood experiences have had on her as an adult. She shares how it has shaped her perspective on life and influenced her professional work as a storyteller. Beth discusses the transformative power of healing from trauma and the importance of addressing past experiences to move forward.

Don't miss this episode and hear Beth's inspiring journey of growth and healing. You'll learn more about the resilience of the human spirit and how we can overcome the difficulties that come our way.

Living in Naples, FL, Beth Booker is a creative entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in PR and Marketing with the education to match. As CEO of Gracie PR (, her diverse background spans multiple industries, from fashion to wellness, beauty to lifestyle, and healthcare to startups. Through it all, Beth’s prowess, knowledge, and leadership from both her heart and her experience set her apart from your routine publicist. Every project she takes on produces results-oriented work that is creative, strategic, and authentic. When Beth is not running her company, launching national public relations campaigns, and coordinating interviews, she can be found chasing her two kids, cuddling her three dogs, reading, hanging out on Twitter, practicing self-care through either skincare or her online shopping habit or doing some activity that requires a bathing suit and SPF.

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Social Handles: @itsbethbooker @itsgraciepr



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