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From a Dream to Building a Reality in America | Mathilde Bernard Funderburk

Season 1, Ep. 33

Mathilde Bernard Funderburk arrived in the United States with two suitcases and a heart full of hope.


"I still feel like that sometimes where I need to live this life for him. I need to go through these things that he could never have done because he died at 15 years old."

She was born in France but always felt deeply connected to the United States, even as a child. After a few trips to the United States, she made her dream a reality and moved to New York City. She is now a successful business owner and world traveler.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. The death of Mathilde's best friend at age 15 and how this influenced her later life choices

2. Her experience as an exchange student in Missouri and the cultural shock of it all

3. How she created the opportunity to live the life she desires while helping others to earn passive income and live out their dreams.

Mathilde was the executive director of a French Governmental agency and managed international-scale projects to export French brands within the United States. During this journey, she started her own company, MBF Agency, to help entrepreneurs realize how much time they can save and increase their revenues by building a passive income. Mathilde also created a second company with her partner Jaemi Graham called The Systems Duo to create streamlined systems to help six and seven-figure businesses to grow online.

Now she and her husband are on a new journey to leave the comfort of their home to travel the world and start new adventures. Follow their journey on social media for inspiration and helpful entrepreneurial tips.



Tiktok: @mathildebefun


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