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What to expect from the Duke of Westminster's 'society wedding of the year'

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Journalist Alice Cockerell reveals some of the details behind the Duke of Westminster's wedding in Cheshire. Plus, our Arts Correspondent Robert Dex discusses the hit Netflix drama Baby Reindeer's success at the Gotham TV awards.

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  • West Wing or Rest Wing for Joe Biden? (A Week’s a Long Time in Westminster)

    Episode 6 of A Week’s a Long Time in Westminster: As our new PM Sir Keir Starmer tries to unite Britain, Europe and the wider world, there’s plenty of political drama in the US. Nicholas Cecil, Jitendra Joshi and Rachael Burford discuss the key moments of the week in the world of politics, including:IT “pandemic” hits Britain and the worldLong-range missile talks between Keir Starmer and Volodymyr Zelensky into No10Donald Trump tries (for half an hour) to unite America before new attacks on DemocratsGrandfather clock is ticking against Joe BidenFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • Jim Kwik (Brave New World)

    In this episode of Brave New World, Evgeny Lebedev talks to bestselling author and brain coach Jim Kwik. Kwik suffered a traumatic brain injury aged 5 and is now a world authority on brain optimisation.To hear the full interview with Jim Kwik, and to learn his top tips to boost your brain power, search Brave New World or click here.
  • The King's Speech: Labour's key plans for the country explained

    More housing, improved rail services, extra rights for renters and more. Jitendra Joshi and Rachael Burford discuss the key points from the King’s Speech, and how Labour’s plans will impact London. Plus, Robert Dex explains why Strictly Come Dancing is introducing chaperones for celebrity contestants.Follow us on X or on Threads.
  • London's drink spiking problem explained as crimes on the rise

    Data shows more than 100 spiking cases are happening in London every month. Anthony France discusses the recent surge in spiking in the capital, and explains the Met's plan to tackle it. Plus, in part two, Nick Clark reveals the top theatre shows to watch in London this summer.Follow us on X or on Threads.
  • Trump assassination attempt: latest

    Investigators continue to piece together evidence for a motive leading to the assassination attempt on former president Donald Trump.It left a former fire chief dead and wounded two other people at the Pennsylvania rally, plus Trump, after the shooter's bullet struck his ear.The gunman, named as Thomas Matthew Crooks, opened fire at the rally in Butler and was himself shot dead.But there are now serious questions about police and Secret Service response to the incident.The assassination attempt is also reframing Republican Trump’s bitter presidential contest against Democrat incumbent Joe Biden.For the latest, we’re joined by Evening Standard deputy political editor Jitendra Joshi.Plus, in part two, as Gareth Southgate’s pride of lions fly home after their 2-1 Euro 2024 final loss to Spain in Berlin, we look at England’s tournament highlights, with Evening Standard reporter Robert Dex.
  • Being an introvert and how to get noticed (Evening Standard Masterclasses)

    Meet public speaker, writer and professional introvert, Richard Etienne. He’s made a career out of showing people that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to have the most impact.Richard joins Nicola Barron from Evening Standard Masterclasses to discuss:·        What is an introvert?·        Is it harder for an introvert to succeed?·        Tips for public speaking and presentations·        Hybrid working: Advice for returning to the officeFor more information on Masterclasses from the Evening Standard, and to book your place on Richard’s class ‘How to speak up and get noticed’ go to all listeners of this podcast you can book with a 20% discount using promo code ‘Standard’.
  • Keir Starmer's first week and Joe Biden's woes (A Week's a Long Time in Westminster)

    Starmer’s first week in power but is it slipping away from Biden?Episode 5 of A Week’s a Long Time in Westminster: All eyes on the president, Labour’s great reset, and is football coming home? Analysis with our politics team - Nicholas Cecil, Jitendra Joshi and Rachael Burford.In this episode:Labour gets off to a flying startIs Biden heading for the Rest Wing?Battle for the heart and soul of the Tory PartyNewbie MPs at WestminsterAnd….it’s coming London’s preparing for England vs Spain Euro 2024 final
  • England vs Spain Euro 2024 final tickets scramble

    England’s late winner against the Netherlands has sparked a rush of fans trying to get to Berlin in time for Sunday night’s final.Evening Standard reporter Robert Dex has the latest on the race to grab those gold-dust tickets for the showdown against Spain.In part two, we’ll look at why water bills in London are set to shoot up by almost £100 by 2030 under proposals unveiled today by the industry regulator Ofwat.Thames Water, Britain’s biggest water supplier, says the money’s needed to fix its shattered finances and pay for a multi billion investment programme.We’re joined by Professor Ewan McGaughey, of King’s College London, a specialist in public service regulation.
  • Keir Starmer at Nato amid defence spending row

    As Sir Keir Starmer jets to Washington for Nato’s 75th anniversary, his armed forces minister said the government will aim to complete a defence review in less than a year.It comes amid warnings from former military chiefs that Britain is unprepared for the threat of war. Minister Luke Pollard said the new government would work “at pace” to finish the assessment - which the prime minister said needs to happen before decisions are made on raising defence spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP.Now, the prime minister is in Washington to meet US President Joe Biden and other Nato leaders at a summit to mark the alliance’s 75th anniversary.Evening Standard political editor Nicholas Cecil has the latest.In part two, we’ll examine new tolls being levied at two Thames crossings, Blackwall Tunnel and the under-construction Silvertown Tunnel - which Transport for London has confirmed will be up to £4 each way.Analysis from City Hall with Evening Standard transport editor Ross Lydall.