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Nigel Farage returns: how worried are the Tories?

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As Nigel Farage announced he’s running for MP of Clacton in Essex, our Political Editor Nicholas Cecil explains how worried the Tories will be about his return. Nic also explains the latest poll which suggests that the Tories face near wipeout in London. Plus, our Diary Editor Ethan Croft discusses the key songs of this year’s election. 

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  • Keir Starmer's first week and Joe Biden's woes (A Week's a Long Time in Westminster)

    Starmer’s first week in power but is it slipping away from Biden?Episode 5 of A Week’s a Long Time in Westminster: All eyes on the president, Labour’s great reset, and is football coming home? Analysis with our politics team - Nicholas Cecil, Jitendra Joshi and Rachael Burford.In this episode:Labour gets off to a flying startIs Biden heading for the Rest Wing?Battle for the heart and soul of the Tory PartyNewbie MPs at WestminsterAnd….it’s coming London’s preparing for England vs Spain Euro 2024 final
  • England vs Spain Euro 2024 final tickets scramble

    England’s late winner against the Netherlands has sparked a rush of fans trying to get to Berlin in time for Sunday night’s final.Evening Standard reporter Robert Dex has the latest on the race to grab those gold-dust tickets for the showdown against Spain.In part two, we’ll look at why water bills in London are set to shoot up by almost £100 by 2030 under proposals unveiled today by the industry regulator Ofwat.Thames Water, Britain’s biggest water supplier, says the money’s needed to fix its shattered finances and pay for a multi billion investment programme.We’re joined by Professor Ewan McGaughey, of King’s College London, a specialist in public service regulation.
  • Keir Starmer at Nato amid defence spending row

    As Sir Keir Starmer jets to Washington for Nato’s 75th anniversary, his armed forces minister said the government will aim to complete a defence review in less than a year.It comes amid warnings from former military chiefs that Britain is unprepared for the threat of war. Minister Luke Pollard said the new government would work “at pace” to finish the assessment - which the prime minister said needs to happen before decisions are made on raising defence spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP.Now, the prime minister is in Washington to meet US President Joe Biden and other Nato leaders at a summit to mark the alliance’s 75th anniversary.Evening Standard political editor Nicholas Cecil has the latest.In part two, we’ll examine new tolls being levied at two Thames crossings, Blackwall Tunnel and the under-construction Silvertown Tunnel - which Transport for London has confirmed will be up to £4 each way.Analysis from City Hall with Evening Standard transport editor Ross Lydall.
  • London’s new ‘tram-bus’ & Yayoi Kusama’s public art pumpkin

    Hybrid vehicles of a different kind will soon be seen on London’s roads - behold the era of the ‘tram-bus’.Officially called ieTrams, they will ply one of the capital’s longest routes, the 15-mile 358 line from Crystal Palace to Orpington.The striking new vehicles might look like a rounded single-decker with covered wheels, but the hardware includes a pantograph overhead fast-charging system used in electric tramsMark Blunden speaks to Evening Standard transport editor Ross Lydall about this new age for the capital’s public transport.In part two, a look at what public art’s in store for London this year - as a giant polka-dotted pumpkin by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is installed in Kensington Palace - and we’re joined the Royal College of Art’s head of programme for MA sculpture, Sarah Staton.
  • Labour’s economy kickstart & Euros ‘£16K tickets rush’

    Britain’s newly-minted chancellor Rachel Reeves gives her first major speech at the Treasury with the hope of boosting investment in Britain after years of post-Brexit economic turbulence.The fledgling Labour government is making growth its number one priority as it seeks to bring in extra billions to improve public services.Speaking to business chiefs at the Treasury, Reeves explained how she wants to rev up Britain’s economy domestically, including by planning reforms, as she sought to boost shaken investor confidence.For the latest, we’re joined by Evening Standard political editor Nicholas Cecil. Plus, the countdown is on for England’s semi-final clash with the Netherlands - with one match ticket being offered for £16,000.With just days to go, Evening Standard reporter Robert Dex discusses the demand for Euros tickets in host city Düsseldorf and hopes for London ‘fan zones’ to watch the action.
  • AI in business with IBM UK & Ireland CEO Nicola Hodson (bonus episode)

    The Standard’s Jon Weeks met with Nicola Hodson, the UK and Ireland CEO of multinational corporation IBM.On this special cut-down episode Jon and Nicola discuss AI and how IBM is helping companies from all sectors to incorporate the technology into their business.To hear the full interview just search How to be a CEO Nicola Hodson.
  • General Election results: Labour landslide and London's new political landscape

    It's Election Results Day.... Episode 4 of A Week’s a Long Time in Westminster: Labour's historic victory, broken down by our politics team - Nicholas Cecil, Jitendra Joshi and Rachael Burford. In this episode:How London's political landscape has changedWhy Keir Starmer's now facing the 'hard part'What's next for the Conservative party?Did Reform UK and the Lib Dems do as well as they hoped?Find more general election reaction here.
  • Mark Hyman (Brave New World)

    In this episode of Brave New World, Evgeny Lebedev talks to physician and longevity expert Mark Hyman. The two discuss the rise of functional medicine and what lifestyle changes we can make to enhance our healthspan.To hear the full interview just search Brave New World on your podcast provider.
  • General Election 2024: The UK immigration situation explained

    The pros & cons of immigration, the main parties’ proposals, and how to tackle an influx of migrants. Madeleine Sumption, the Director of the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford discusses the current state of immigration in the UK, how migrant numbers impact the economy, and why evidence suggests the Rwanda scheme might not be an effective deterrent against illegal migration.Follow us on X or on Threads.