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London’s Covid-19 spike and TfL's travel risk u-turn

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London’s number of Covid cases diagnosed have risen by nearly a what has happened, and how worried should we be, particularly when using public transport?

The Standard’s reports on Friday that data suggests one in 19 people have coronavirus symptoms, and this comes as the spring boosters are being rolled out.

Professor Tim Spector, the King’s College London scientist behind the Zoe Covid tracker app, warns “there has never been a riskier time to travel” in London.

City Hall statistics gathered from the NHS show there were 58,092 confirmed cases in London in the week to March 18 – up 28 per cent on the 45,211 in the previous week.

The Leader’s joined by the Standard’s Health and City Hall Editor, Ross Lydall, who has been investigating the latest developments.

Ross discusses the current infection and hospitalisation rates, and reveals how Transport for London bosses performed a u-turn over their Covid public health messaging on travel risk.

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