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Kim K’s Met Gala dress and the ‘Airbnb for fashion’ boom

Season 1

As celebrities glammed up for New York’s Met Gala, there was a stand-out star - Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 dress with six thousand crystals, which is worth nearly $5 million and was given a new lease of life by reality star Kim Kardashian.

Would you rent out your clothes instead of buying new? 

Meet the London-based technology companies hoping to save the planet and your bank balance.

We speak with Sacha Newall, founder of My Wardrobe HQ, and Eshita Kabra, founder of By Rotation.

The CEOs tell us what’s hot on their designer clothes rental platforms - and how to make the most of what you already own.

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Snakes on the Thames! Exotic pets wild in London

Season 1
Mudlarking is the historic pursuit of combing the Thames foreshore for, hopefully, some rare or valuable artefacts to give us a glimpse back into history of how Londoners used to live.Among the coins, bottles, occasional weapons and oddities like tiny Roman spoons for scooping out ear wax found nestling in the silt, mudlark Jason Sandy made a chilling discovery - what was apparently a giant boa constrictor skin that had been shed by its occupant.So, does this clue reveal a big snake on the loose near to Chiswick? Hopefully not, but it could join legions of exotic animals now wandering, slithering and swinging around the capital, which include terrapins, parakeets and even sightings of what’s claimed to be a puma roaming south-east London.Many of the exotic non-native species found around London are believed to have been thrown out after their owners could not cope with responsibility, such as the terrapins flushed away after the 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze.Last year, a project began in Black Park lake in Wexham in Buckinghamshire to relocate non-native terrapins over their threat to wildlife.So, what happens when these animals disappear into the London ecosystem?To discover what’s lurking in the capital’s waterways and undergrowth, we’re joined by Dr Mark Jones.We discuss how shocking numbers of exotic pets in the UK now include monkeys and the legislation needed to crack down on the illegal wildlife trade.