The HIV Podcast

Listened to in 175 countries, The HIV Podcast is fast becoming a global gamechanger for tackling HIV stigma!

The HIV Podcast separates fact from fiction and tackles HIV myths and misconceptions. We cover all things HIV related from people to historical events, law, health, taboo topics and pop-culture moments - basically everything you need to know about HIV! Join hosts Sarah Macadam and Jessica Harding every Friday where they will take you on a journey that's surprising, shocking, educational and sometimes hilarious - this podcast will make you laugh as much as it will make you gasp!

Finalist in two categories of the 2023 Independent Podcast Awards!

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Don't just take our word that it's great, here's what our listeners are saying...


“I think all of America would benefit from hearing you talk about sexual health in a fun and vibrant way, because here we are so rigid when it comes to sex and sexual education. You ladies make it fun and engaging and lighthearted and common- as common as talking about what are you doing this weekend or what you have for breakfast kind of common and that is precisely how people should be talking about their sexual health choices.”


“Since diagnosis in March 2020 some, not all, HIV service providers and PLWHIV have been quite ‘lecturey’ (that’s clearly a made up word) about HIV. You both educate us about HIV in a fun and informal way and that’s the hook. It appeals to those not living with HIV“


“I promise not to girl fan you all the time( even though I am ) I just wanted to let you know your education is spreading ! We have a big family holiday planned to Jamaica and my sister whose baby will be 5 months when we fly out was worried about HIV Being spread from a mosquito bite. I told her to listen to your episode sex and she would understand how HIV is transmitted. Safe to say she is now fully aware of how HIV can be transmitted. Just want to say again how much I love your podcast”

The HIV Podcast is produces by TVPS

Written, hosted and edited by Sarah Macadam and Jessica Harding

Research and sound support from Zoe Coates

Sarah Macadam

Sarah is the CEO of Thames Valley Positive Support (TVPS), a charity that has been supporting people with HIV since 1985 and has been working in the HIV sector for 25 years.

Jessica Harding

Jess is the Deputy CEO at Thames Valley Positive Support (TVPS), a charity that has been supporting people with HIV since 1985. She has worked in the HIV sector for 14 years.