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The History of England

Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Angevin Empire

This is the story of how Eleanor of Aquitane's choices helped create an Empire is Wesern Europe. And to persaude you to suppot the podcast through membership at

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  • 385 The Battle for London

    After Edgehill, the road to London lay open for the kong. By November 13th, Charles' army faced the Londoners on the common ground west of London at Turnham Green
  • 384 Breaking Storm

    Charles' situation in August looked dire. But at Shrewsbury, soldiers came to his call, arms reached him from Henrietta Maria, and in October he had an army, and set of to march on London. In his way stood Essex and the army of parliament
  • 383 Choosing Sides

    A general sense of disbelief that war was necessary persisted well into 1643. And yet, over time most were forced to make choices. this episdoe about what made them choose, as Charles raises his standard at Nottingham, on 22nd August 1642
  • 382 War of Words

    Charles' flight from the capital gave the separation into two camps physical form. Now King and Parliament began to lay out their stall, why their cause was just. And parliament acquires their philosopher.
  • AAG 1638-1641 The Search for Peace

    In 1640 at last Charles is forced to call a parliament and search with parliament for an accomodation. But Charles was to discover the price for restoring order not to his liking. 
  • AAG 1629-1638 The Personal Rule

    From 1629 Charles tried to rule without parliament; either a Personal rule of peace and prosperity, or the 11 Years Tyranny, depending on your point of view. By 1638 there plenty of kindling had been placed around the tree of hte Commonwealth, but no sign of a fire.
  • AAG 1625-1629 New Ways, Old Ways

    In 1625 a new, fresh, bright king came to the throne seemingly eager to giht the good fight in the Protestant cause. Surely this moderate, controlled ad courteous man would be the bringer of a golen age. Events were to throw some doubt thatthe new ways would be different from the old.
  • AAG 1615-1625 King of Britain

    The last 10 years of James' reign saw the rise of the king's great favourite the Duke of Buckingham, and continued friction with parliament - until the story of the knights Adventurers turned policy and politics on their head
  • AAG 1605-1615 The Fount of all Virtue

    James I & VI was a canny politician helped by a master administrator in Salisbury. But the honeymoon was over with scandals at his court, and the failure to establish a good relationship with Parliament.