The History of China


#224 - Ming 15: The Tumu Fiasco

A child sits the throne of Great Ming, which goes surprisingly alright… at least for a while. But when the old guard of the imperial regency starts dying off, a combination of naive youthful exuberance and pure political ambition from the power behind the throne will throw everything into chaos on the plains north of Beijing.

Time Period Covered:

1435-1449 CE

Major Historical Figures:

Great Ming:

Zhu Qizhen (Emperor Yingzong, the Zhengtong/Tianshun Emperor) [r. 1335-1449, 1457-1464]

Grand Empress Dowager Chen [d. 1442]

Wang Zhen, Eunuch Lord [d. 1449]

Mongol Tribes:

Esen, Taishi of the Oirat [d. 1455]

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