The History of Byzantium


Women in the Byzantine World announcement

Hello everyone,


I am back with three bonus episodes for you about Women in the Byzantine World. These episodes should be available within an hour or so of this update.


Since women get much less attention than they deserve in our narrative I’ll put the first of these episodes out for free for everyone to enjoy. Parts 2 and 3 though are only available on the Ad-Free Bonus Feed at Patreon or at


Since I’m very late with these bonus episodes they will be available to anyone whose subscription at the website ran out in the last year. So if you had a subscription which ran out any time from July 2020 and you haven’t renewed or switched to Patreon just email me and I’ll add the episodes to your account manually. That email is


These 3 episodes are a continuation of another 3 parter I recorded a couple of years ago called Women in the Roman World. If you like what you hear in part 1 of the new series but want to hear more about women’s lives in the Greco-Roman world then do check out those episodes. Either at Patreon or at But just to remind you episodes will no longer be available from the website from October.


I am now moving on to work on another Byzantine Story and then it will be back to the narrative.


Take care and thanks for listening.