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The History of Byzantium

Episode 222 - The Good Helmsman

Alexios tries to forge a coalition against Antioch but has to abandon his plans when Anatolia comes calling again. The Emperor leaves this world frustrated by his failure to outmanoeuvre the Normans but his record in office is impressive nonetheless. 

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  • Episode 290 - The Despot, Theodore Laskaris

    We follow Theodore Laskaris as he escapes from Constantinople and establishes a new state at Nicaea. Crowned as the new Roman Emperor he must face down rivals on every side including the Turks.Period: 1204-12
  • Episode 289 - Kaloyan, Tsar of Bulgaria

    With Baldwin and Boniface dead the Bulgarians run riot across Thrace. Their Tsar Kaloyan attempts to capture Thessalonica and ponders whether he could become the new Roman Emperor.Period: 1204-07
  • Episode 288 - Boniface, Marquis of Montferrat

    After throwing a huge strop Boniface, the Marquis of Montferrat, is made King of Thessalonica.He sent his men to conquer most of Greece but the Bulgarians were on his tail.Period: 1204-07
  • Episode 287 - Count Baldwin of Flanders and Hainaut

    The Latins agree to stay for another year and to conquer the whole of the Roman Empire. They elect Count Baldwin of Flanders and Hainaut to be their Emperor and all seems well. It only takes a year for everything to fall apart.
  • Episode 286 - Vantage Point

    The narrative returns as we head back to 1204 and the sack of Constantinople. The arrival of the Latins had actually splintered the Roman world into at least 13 different states.With a little help from the 2008 film 'Vantage Point' we will be following the different perspectives of these actors as they deal with the fallout from the sack.We begin with the story of Alexios V Doukas who fled the city just before it fell.Period: 1204
  • Episode 285 - Totalus Rankium

    I speak to Rob and Jamie from the podcast Totalus Rankium. Their show is a light hearted ranking of every Roman Emperor from Augustus to Constantine XI. It's a really fun listen and they include all the amusing stories which I edited out of Byzantine history.They have a sister show where they rank American Presidents. Find both shows here.
  • Episode 284 - To The City with Alexander Christie-Miller

    Alexander Christie-Miller was the Turkish correspondent for the Times Newspaper between 2010 and 2017. He has written a book called ‘To the City’ about the people who live along the Theodosian Walls in Istanbul today. He tells the story and charts the sweeping changes they've experienced in Turkey over the past 50 years. It's a brilliant read, ideal for those of you who have visited Istanbul or plan to.Alexander Christie-Miller is from Wiltshire in the UK, studied in Dublin and was then in Istanbul for 7 years. He was the Times Turkish correspondent during that period and his writing has also appeared in Newsweek, The Atlantic, Der Spiegel and the White Review amongst other publications.
  • Episode 283 - The New Roman Empire with Anthony Kaldellis. Part 5 - More Questions

    Professor Kaldellis' new history of Byzantium is out now in the USA and on Kindle everywhere.In the final episode in this series he answers more of your questions. Amongst the topics we cover are citizenship, class, counter-factuals, academia and AI.
  • Episode 282 - The New Roman Empire with Anthony Kaldellis. Part 4 - Your Questions

    Professor Kaldellis' new history of Byzantium is out now in the USA and on Kindle everywhere.In this episode he answers your questions. Including succession mechanisms, taxation, the Senate, usurpers, Belisarius, Maurice and many more topics.