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The History of Byzantium

Episode 288 - Boniface, Marquis of Montferrat

After throwing a huge strop Boniface, the Marquis of Montferrat, is made King of Thessalonica.

He sent his men to conquer most of Greece but the Bulgarians were on his tail.

Period: 1204-07

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  • Episode 295 - The Forgotten Siege

    While Epirus was rising and falling, Nicaea was consolidating. John Vatatzes, the new Emperor, was competent at home and abroad. After years of consolidation he decided to besiege Constantinople. But he didn't act alone he invited an unlikely ally to join him.Period: 1215-37
  • Episode 294 - The Rise and Fall of Epirus

    Theodoros Doukas the leader of the Roman state of Epirus leads his people to ever greater heights in the 1220s. He captures Thessalonica and drives towards Constantinople itself. Doukas declares himself Emperor but does he have the resources necessary to reach the Hagia Sophia?Period: 1215-30
  • Episode 293 - Governing Constantinople with John Giebfried

    Today we look at Constantinople itself. What was the physical state of the city and what was the Latin administration like? Guiding us today is Dr John Giebfried.John completed his PhD in Medieval History at St Louis University in 2015 and has subsequently worked at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Georgia Southern University, East Georgia State College, and since 2022 has been a faculty member at the University of Vienna, where he teaches History and Digital Humanities. His academic work focuses on the Crusades, the Crusader-States, and European interactions with the Mongols.Reacting to the Past Games:
  • Episode 292 - Venice and the Rest of the Empire with John Giebfried

    Today we look at the parts of the Roman Empire we haven't covered so far in the post-siege narrative. This includes Attalia, Trebizond and the multiple acquisitions of Venice. Helping me is Dr John Giebfried from the University of Vienna.
  • Episode 291 - Michael Doukas of Epirus

    Michael Komnenos Doukas would have had a forgettable career if it wasn't for the chaos which followed Manuel Komnenos' death.But the twists of fate allowed him to found a new state in Epirus (Western Greece) which would eventually seize huge parts of the Roman world.Period: 1204-15
  • Episode 290 - The Despot, Theodore Laskaris

    We follow Theodore Laskaris as he escapes from Constantinople and establishes a new state at Nicaea. Crowned as the new Roman Emperor he must face down rivals on every side including the Turks.Period: 1204-12
  • Episode 289 - Kaloyan, Tsar of Bulgaria

    With Baldwin and Boniface dead the Bulgarians run riot across Thrace. Their Tsar Kaloyan attempts to capture Thessalonica and ponders whether he could become the new Roman Emperor.Period: 1204-07
  • Episode 287 - Count Baldwin of Flanders and Hainaut

    The Latins agree to stay for another year and to conquer the whole of the Roman Empire. They elect Count Baldwin of Flanders and Hainaut to be their Emperor and all seems well. It only takes a year for everything to fall apart.