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The History of Byzantium

Episode 230 - The Sack of Edessa

John II Komnenos' youngest son Manuel takes charge of the Empire. After securing the capital and punishing Raymond of Antioch the new Emperor goes on campaign against the Turks. After chasing the Sultan of Iconium to his capital Manuel realises that fighting on the plateau is no easy business. Meanwhile the Crusader city of Edessa falls and the Byzantines don't appreciate the significance of this event. 

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  • Episode 284 - To The City with Alexander Christie-Miller

    Alexander Christie-Miller was the Turkish correspondent for the Times Newspaper between 2010 and 2017. He has written a book called ‘To the City’ about the people who live along the Theodosian Walls in Istanbul today. He tells the story and charts the sweeping changes they've experienced in Turkey over the past 50 years. It's a brilliant read, ideal for those of you who have visited Istanbul or plan to.Alexander Christie-Miller is from Wiltshire in the UK, studied in Dublin and was then in Istanbul for 7 years. He was the Times Turkish correspondent during that period and his writing has also appeared in Newsweek, The Atlantic, Der Spiegel and the White Review amongst other publications.
  • Episode 283 - The New Roman Empire with Anthony Kaldellis. Part 5 - More Questions

    Professor Kaldellis' new history of Byzantium is out now in the USA and on Kindle everywhere.In the final episode in this series he answers more of your questions. Amongst the topics we cover are citizenship, class, counter-factuals, academia and AI.
  • Episode 282 - The New Roman Empire with Anthony Kaldellis. Part 4 - Your Questions

    Professor Kaldellis' new history of Byzantium is out now in the USA and on Kindle everywhere.In this episode he answers your questions. Including succession mechanisms, taxation, the Senate, usurpers, Belisarius, Maurice and many more topics.
  • Update February 2024

    On today’s update I’m going to tell you about when the narrative is coming back, about podcast tours to Turkey in 2024 and about how Anthony Kaldellis is answering more questions than I told him to.
  • Episode 281 - Justinian: Emperor, Soldier, Saint with Peter Sarris

    A new book has come out about that most famous of Byzantines. It's called Justinian: Emperor, Soldier, Saint by Peter Sarris and it is excellent. It is not a dramatization of his career but a brilliantly researched account of his life and time in office.Track his evolving thinking through the amazing range of sources we have for his reign and gain a deeper understanding of the interesting times he lived in.The book is on sale everywhere including on To listen to the book for free check out Audible's service here.
  • Some Heraclian Fiction and Maps you might enjoy

    This beautiful map of the Crusader States has just been put on sale. Adomas, the artist, is offering 15% off any map at his store for podcast listeners. Just use the code Byzantium at his online store.‘The Emperor’ by Matthew Storm: The Heraclius story is so epic that it took two books to cover. Book 1 is called the Exarch’s son. And Book 2 is THE EMPEROR: Heraclius Battles Persia for the Life of Rome.‘The Gardens of Byzantium’: A romance about Asana (a Persian woman) and a Roman soldier who are brought together by Heraclius’ war.
  • Episode 280 - The New Roman Empire with Anthony Kaldellis. Part 3 - Narrative

    Professor Kaldellis' new history of Byzantium is out now in the USA and on Kindle everywhere.In our third conversation we walk through the narrative picking out interesting things to talk about. The creation of Constantinople, Justinian's personality, Heraclius' achievements and life under the Sassanian occupation to name a few. 
  • Episode 279 - Catching up with Max Lau

    50 episodes ago Dr Maximilian Lau came on the podcast to talk about John II Komnenos. Max kindly shared his book with me before publication to guide the podcast through John's reign.Now he is back on the show to catch up on the next century of Byzantine history and to give us the great news that the book has been published.The book is 'Emperor John II Komnenos: Rebuilding New Rome 1118-1143'. You can buy the book here and if you use the discount code AAFLYG6 you can 30% off.
  • Illness Update December 2023

    Illness Update December 2023