The Hang with Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter invites old and new friends to hang out, talk and even sing about their roots. Bring it in!

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  • 17. Rag’n’Bone Man’s Musical Rubble

    Confidence and shyness, masculinity and tenderness are all up for discussion as Rory Graham, aka Rag’n’Bone Man, hangs out with Gregory. Recorded in March 2021, they find common ground in how they both learnt to get across a message in a song as Rory digs into his musical foundations of folk, hip-hop, rock and Blues, or the rubble that he says formed his sound. Nothing is off limits from tattoos to the chance to collaborate musically in the future, in the finale to series 2 of The Hang with Gregory Porter.

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  • 16. Robert Glasper’s House of Black Music

    Pianist/producer Robert Glasper turns his talents towards hip-hop, jazz, R’n’B, or any other music genre he wants to experience, considering it all about adding more rooms to his House of Black Music. Recorded in Los Angeles the day after the Grammys 2021, Gregory and Robert joined forces and laughed a lot, teased a lot and shared a lot in common. There was even a domestic interruption and an in-studio one, adding to the energy in the room ahead of their upcoming collaboration for Robert's Black Radio 3.  
  • Moby’s Cultural Caution

    Moby and Gregory go in deep on Moby’s cultural caution around the samples he finds and repurposes as the pair dissect the legacy and importance of the Blues. If pushed to label the music he creates, Moby explains how it’s folk music that fits him best, while Gregory recalls the moment when he truly felt the power of EDM.
  • 14. Representing Priyanka Chopra Jonas

    Cultural curiosity has always driven actor, activist and author Priyanka Chopra Jonas, as she delves into why representation matters being a brown-skinned woman on screen in Hollywood. Discussing her memoir Unfinished, Priyanka tells Gregory that she also has unfinished business with music, as she reflects on her pop career. Plus, they take a look self-confidence, which can be a tricky beast, and why it’s important to ignore the haters and keep moving forward.
  • 13. The Holy Ghost Of David Byrne

    From Talking Heads to filmmaking with Spike Lee, there’s a lot of creative joy to be had bringing people together in what Gregory dubs, the Holy Ghost of David Byrne. They reach back to the days when borrowing vinyl from the public library held more influence than the internet, and discuss how a simple bike ride can change the way we look out for each other, whatever our differences.
  • 12. The Heart Of Imelda May

    Not every musician would turn down a record deal, twice, early on in their career, but Imelda May held out until she got the deal that let her record the songs she needed to sing. From early performances in a blues club in Dublin, to hosting her own music TV show, Imelda reveals and sings through the touch stones of her artistic life. Recorded in the final weeks of Trump’s presidency in January 2021, Gregory and Imelda share their hopes for kinder leadership, as well as the shared luck of meeting fellow musician Jools Holland at just the right time.
  • 11. Hozier’s Force For Good

    Protest songs may appear to come naturally to Hozier, but there’s much reasoning behind why he chooses the issues he spotlights. Sitting down with Gregory, face to face pre-pandemic, they dig deep into the influence of the church on both their lives, and why challenge and curiosity are such useful skills to wield. Recorded at the Trafalgar St. James hotel, a few paces away from what was then the hustle and bustle of London’s Trafalgar Square, they talk about the music that’s informed their lives and why the words you use can carry such a heavy weight.