The First-Gen Lounge


Summer 2021: Session 170 (When Landing An Out-Of-State Job Shifts Your Entire Career with Chef Tenee Congo)

Are you having trouble landing your dream job in your current zip code? Do you feel like your skills are unappreciated in your hometown? As a fresh first-generation college graduate, chances are you're still young and have the flexibility to just pack up and go, which gets way more complicated as you grow older and start to settle down. However, job hunting is hard. Job hunting in a city where you don't currently live may seem almost impossible, hence the importance of managing your expectations during the process. Finding the right job takes time in the best circumstances, and searching from a different location may take longer than the standard search, yet people land solid offers in new cities all the time. So, have a little patience and persistence; you'll find yourself on that one-way flight in no time. Hey, you may even find yourself getting to a new place and realizing becoming an entrepreneur is the way to go. Check out the full session notes: Join The Evingerlean Worldwide Family: Grab your #firstgen goodies:

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