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The Female Struggle is Real

#18 The Struggle with Body Hair

Season 1, Ep. 18

Body hair: we all have it and yet us women are conditioned to believe that we should be hairless! So why are we shaving it all off?! I speaker to Laura Jackson, founder of the Januhairy campaign, and activist Harnaam Kaur, who, due to a medical condition, has a beard and moustache. I also pay a visit to Pulse Light Clinic to experience the beauty treatment the Kardashians rave about: laser hair removal. 

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  • 2. #21 The Female Struggle with Climate Change

    Climate change can feel like an overwhelming issue and even if you want to try and make a difference, sometimes it's difficult to know what's the best thing to do! Do I buy loose apples grown in Turkey, or plastic-wrapped apples grown in the UK? Do I attend that environmental activist demonstration despite not agreeing with some of their methods? Do I reconsider having children to slow the population rate?! I get the facts from climate scientist Dr Michelle Cain, meet Indy, Mila and Eve, year 7 girls that have regularly been attending the climate change marches, and head down to an Extinction Rebellion protest on Waterloo Bridge.
  • 1. #20 The Female Struggle with make-up in the workplace

    Do you feel a pressure to wear make-up to work? In this episode I ask whether women feel obliged to wear make-up in the workplace and if so, why? I chat to Rebecca Creer, spas and styling manager at Virgin Atlantic airways, about their new grooming policy and digital editor of Grazia, Rebecca Reid who stopped wearing make-up to work a few years ago. I also meet up with Alice who was rejected from a job interview because of her physical appearance.
  • 19. #19 The Female Struggle with Sex LIVE

    For the first ever time, we took The Female Struggle is Real on the road to the South Place Hotel for a very special episode: The Female Struggle with Sex LIVE, supported by PLSRX. With special guests Oloni, Reed and Florence (from Comecurious) and Dr Karen Gurney, we chatted anal, polygamy and ‘devil dick’! 
  • 17. #17 International Women's Day 2019

    What better way to celebrate International Women's Day than chatting about feminism! A recent news article claimed that only 1 in 5 women would call themselves a feminist, but why is the number so small? Why are so few of us calling ourselves feminists in 2019? I chat to academic and activist Dr Pragya Agarwal about why we're still so afraid of the word, and hear from loads of you about what feminism means to you personally. 
  • 16. #16 The Female Struggle with Contraception - Natural Cycles

    Natural Cycles is the first app on the market that's officially a form of contraception. 'How do you use an app as contraception?' I hear you cry! It uses an algorithm to track your ovulation so you know when and when not to have unprotected sex. As a completely natural form of contraception, it sounds wonderful, but it's also left many women with unwanted pregnancies. I speak to two of those many women, Katherine and Pippa and the founder of the app, Elina Bergland.
  • 15. #15 The Female Struggle with Contraception - The Male Pill

    Contraception is a faff and it's hard to find the right method that works for you. A male contraceptive pill has been promised for years but despite scientists like Dr Stephanie Page (she's on the pod!) researching it for decades, when it's readily available, will men actually take it?!
  • 14. #14 The Struggle with Heartbreak

    All of us have suffered with heartbreak in some form or another, but have you ever had your heartbreak splashed all over the papers? I chat to Stephanie Saint-Remy from Married at First Sight about her (very) public heartbreak, I hear from Bernisha about her wedding gone wrong and I learn about the science behind our broken hearts. 
  • 13. #13 The Struggle with Periods

    Ask women what the bane of their lives is and most of them will say PERIODS. Every month we welcome a stream of blood from our genitals reminding us that we're able to reproduce, but my oh my are there problems along the way. I chat to Amika George about her Free Periods campaign, Katy Johnson describes the pain of suffering with endometriosis and as voted by you on a poll on Twitter, I try a mooncup, lol. Maybe don't listen while you're eating your breakfast...