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The Feenstra Zoo

Spirit of Fear

Season 4, Ep. 16

In this haunting episode we dive into a spooky story of my life and talk about what is fear and how to combat it.

join me for this spooky-cast.







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  • 5. What's Eating You?

    After all the problems we have been having with tech, I finally got this to work so....Welcome back to the Feenstra Zoo, today we are going to talk about having time in our schedules to recoup and recharge before total burn out happens. and a few tips to building a healthy schedule. ....Sponsors Viking GoodsCrunch Cup.Buy Me a CoffeePodbelly
  • 4. Iceberg Thinking

    Iceberg thinking only caring about what others see about you, not who you really are deep down........Viking Goods Company...use code "spenzilla33" for 15%off you whole orderThe Crunch Cup... use code "thefeenstrazoo" for $5 USD off your orderPodbelly NetworkBuy me a Coffee
  • 3. Dating While Married

    Guys better late than never right?Today we are looking at some reasons why its important to keep dating while married. Thanks for joining us!....Check out the sponsors The Crunch Cup... Use code use code THEFEENSTRAZOO for $5 off your orderThe Viking Goods Company ... use code SPENZILLA33 for 15% off your order.Don't forget about the Podbelly network to find new shows and podcasting tips!.To support the show directly go to buy me a coffee for a one time donation.
  • 2. Marriage on Mission

    Season 5 starting off with a great message, talking about you and your spouse living for more than just yourself. Its time to choose what values you are living for......NEW SPONSOR CRUCH CUP use code THEFEENSTRAZOO at check out for $5 off your purchaseNEW SPONSOR THE VIKING GOODS CO. use code spenzilla33 for 15% off your purchase.Buy me a CoffeeThe Podbelly Network
  • 1. Return and Refocus

    The long anticipated return of The Feenstra Zoo, this is the launch of season 5. .....If you like what we do consider leaving a one time donation at Buy Me A Coffee..If you are looking for more shows or to start your own head over to The Podbelly Network.
  • 20. Christmas Eve Mini Episode

    Here is a mini episode to close out a fantastic season.on this episode I speak about a couple Christmas traditions.
  • 19. Are you Really Happy

    This Episode may be one of my favorite in a long time. Chelaynne and I dive into factors that make us happy and and a bit of an adventure to help keep your happiness in check!........This seasons main sponsor Better Help online Therapy.Check out The Podbelly network.Support the show at
  • 18. The Seasons of Life

    Another dive into life behind closed doors of the Zoo. Chelaynne and Spencer talk about how life is ever changing and share some insight on how that looks in our home. ....For this seasons Sponsor Betterhelp online therapy.For More shows to listen to the Pod Belly network.To Support the show directly Buy me a Coffee.
  • 17. Lifes Tough Get a Helmet

    On this episode Chelaynne and I dive into the fact that life is hard. We share some life lessons we have been living through and some nuggets of knowledge we have learned over the years......This seasons sponsor Betterhelp online therapy.The new Sponsor Audible.Support the show directly with Buy me a Coffee.Find new shows at The Pod Belly Network