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Episode 6 - A Guide to Book Covers

Ep. 10

In this instalment we're tackling book covers. We delve into everything you need to know, from the science behind typography and imagery to artist fees and designing them for free!

Links to some of the resources mentioned:

How cover design can increase book visibility by 50% (or more)

Revealed: The Real Marketing Value of a Professional Book Cover


Data Analytics and Practical Theory for Books

Holly Rollins - A Conjoint Analysis of the Value of Book Covers in E-Book Buying Decisions

Both Richie and JM have just gone through the process of designing book covers in recent weeks. Richie's new book, Thoughts On Writing, is available to purchase by clicking here. All of the money raised from book sales is being used to help those impacted by Covid-19, from food banks to care homes.

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