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Episode 5.5 - A Conversation with Cover Artists

Ep. 11

JM goes solo in this episode, which is a continuation of our previous topic: book covers. JM interviews a couple of artists to ask them why they think covers are important, and how to develop a good working relationship with your artist.

Niels can be found here:

If you'd like a sample of his work, he did the cover for my short-story-novel, In the Valley of Magic, which is available here:

E. Rachael Hardcastle has a website for her book label:

A massive thank you to both Niels and Rachael for visiting the Toolshed! It was lovely to have you on and we hope you all enjoyed it too.

In our next episode we'll be looking at writing 'rules'. Should you really never use the passive voice? Must you always show instead of tell? Is there even such a thing as a writing 'rule'? What so-called rules do you hate most? Send us your questions at

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