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The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed is dedicated to all things fantasy, creative writing, and book marketing. It's created by fantasy writers, for fantasy writers with the purpose of helping you overcome the obstacles and challenges that crop up on your journey.

Expect general writing tips as well as discussions on the fantasy genre, such as on worldbuilding, fantasy tropes and fantasy names. And with regular guests including historians, folklorists, mythologists and book bloggers, you'll be sure to find plenty of inspiration and knowledge to use in your fantasy novels and stories.

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Richie Billing

My middle name is Edward, so my name is also Dick Ed, though I much prefer Richie (although Dick Ed is sometimes warranted). I’m from a city called Liverpool, known for football and The Beatles. I like Neil Young, The Allman Bros, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tess Parks and more, and most nights I’m up till the wee hours either scribbling away or watching the NBA. Find out more at

JM Williams

JM Williams is a writer and historian, currently living in South Korea, but originally from Duluth, Minnesota, in the United States. He has been writing since childhood, usually with some sort of fantasy slant or twist. Williams has published five books and around forty short stories. Currently, Williams is the head of the Of Metal and Magic StoryVerse for Fiction Vortex. Find out more at