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Medieval Knights And Fantasy

Season 2, Ep. 18
If you like to write fantasy or perhaps historical fiction, then you may have encountered the idea of the medieval knight. They were walking tanks back in their day and held a significant amount of societal influence. But being so powerful, they were also prone to corruptive behaviours, particularly seen in the Hundred Year War between England and France. In this latest episode of The Fantasy Writers' Toolshed podcast, our oracle of history, Aidan Mattis of The Lore Lodge podcast, joins me for a chat about knights of the middle ages.We look at how they developed, their roles and lives, the code of chivalry that was designed to help keep them in check, and how writers can apply all of this to their stories. Get in touch: thefantasywriterstoolshed@gmail.comTo access exclusive interviews, discussions, fantasy writing classes, books and more head over to our Patreon page - If you're interested in some of my quick, easy-to-understand fantasy writing classes, head here - WRITING RESOURCESMedieval Armor and Fantasy - Weapons and Fantasy - and Religion - OUR WRITING COMMUNITYJoin our community here - OUR GUESTSAidan Mattis - The Lore Lodge Podcast - YouTube - and editing by Odysy -