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  • 5. S4Ep5: The Graduation Ceremony - Who is it for?

    We discuss the end of year preschool graduation ceremony. Should we do it, how should we do it? Is it adult led or child led? Whose needs are we meeting and how can we find a balance to meet the needs of all stakeholders, children, parents/caregivers and educators?

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  • 4. S4Ep4: STEAM in the Early Childhood Environment

    In this episode we talk about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths) in early childhood education. How and why would should we incorporate more STEAM into our ECEC practice, thinking of technology as more than screens, recognising the STEAM we already 'do' and intentionally extending children's STEAM learning using language and affordable resources we already have in most ECEC environments.
  • 3. S4Ep3: Risky Play and Guns in Early Childhood Education

    We have a really interesting chat with Leah Russell, early childhood lecturer, about what risky play is, how to provide for risky play and whether or not toy guns and gun play should be incorporated into the early childhood education setting.
  • 2. S4Ep2: What is the Appropriate Age to Start Primary School?

    With our guest. primary school teacher Dee O'Toole, we discuss the appropriate age for children to transition from early childhood education to primary school education. Why do children in Ireland start at 5 when most other OECD countries children start at 6 or 7. We wonder why some children don't avail of their second free ECCE preschool year and what impact this can have on them when they transition into primary school and beyond.
  • 1. S4Ep1: Quality ECEC - Síolta in Practice

    We discuss implementing and maintaining quality standards in early childhood education and how Paula's new book "Síolta in Practice" can help educators make sense of the Síolta standards and how they are already implementing many of them in their daily ECEC practice. Paula's insightful and practical book has lots of great suggestions highlighting how all areas of our knowledge, best practice guidelines, legislation and policy feed into the implementation of the quality standards and how each standard is interlinked both with other Síolta standards and areas of ECEC practice. You can buy Paula's book from
  • 3. S3Ep3: Establishing a New ECEC Service in Ireland

    Ever thought about opening up your own preschool ECEC setting and/or afterschool SAC setting in Ireland? Then this is the episode for you! From finding the right location and building to getting planning permission and Tusla certification - we chat about the important practical steps involved in opening up a new setting and making the transition from educator to owner/business person. Celine has opened up 3 settings of her own and Paula has managed an ECEC setting so between us (but particularly Celine!) we have a lot of knowledge and experience to share on this topic.
  • 2. S3Ep2: Updating Aistear the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework

    In this episode we have an engaging and critical discussion as we review the proposed draft for updating the Aistear curriculum framework. We talk about the positives and provide our opinion on the changes including suggestions which we feel we would like to see incorporated into the forthcoming update.