cover art for Wagner Group: Mali, Lybia, Syria

The Eastern Border

Wagner Group: Mali, Lybia, Syria

Greetings, Comrades! In this episode, we look at the activities of the infamous PMC Wagner and how they operate in other theatres of war outside Ukraine. They're still very inhuman, and this episode was difficult to make. At any it is.

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  • War in Ukraine: Episode 182

    Another missile strike on Sevastopol, Azerbaijan wins in Nagorno Karabakh and humiliates Russia, and we can rejoice, because Girkin's sent a new letter to the world via his lawyer.Join our Discord:
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 181

    The very quick and decisive war in Nagorno Karabakh and of course, Shrodinger's Kadyrov!
  • Delusions of Grandeur, part 2

    Part 2 of our discussion with Alex from History Impossible. I have to admit, it got quite depressing at points...and mentally exhaused me quite a lot.
  • Delusions of Grandeur ft. Alex from History Impossible, part 1

    Greetings, Comrades! I bring you the first part of my conversation with the friend of our show, Alexander from History Impossible podcast. By the end of this - which will show up more in part 2 - he got me exhausted and even a bit traumatized as we delve deep in political philosophy as it relates to this war. Enjoy!
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 180

    News about the most recent events, related to the  war - besides the Sevastopol strike, which I posted about a bit earlier. The destruction of the S-400 will also come  tomorrow, as this was recorded before that.
  • War in Ukraine: Sevastopol missile attack

    How Ukraine managed to successfully attack the Russian navy in Sevastopol, what does this mean for the future, and why nobody's talking about the "red lines"  anymore.
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 178

    Regional elections in Russia. Wagner Group prisoner convicts are returning home with expectable results. Meduza has interviewed mothers of Russian schoolkids about how they deal with propaganda.
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 177

    Identity polititics and Russia. How Putin destroys the common ties that bind the people together, causing long-term damage for short-term gain.
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 176

    News about the war in Ukraine. More weirdness from Russia, Ukraine's defence minister change and some success on the front lines.Discord: