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The Eastern Border

Victor 2: North Korean rockets are trash

Totally legitimate western journalist and my good friend Victor returns on the show where he talks about the situation on the front and his experiences there and what it all means. Once learn to differentiate between good and bad rockets by sound, there is no going back really.

Also, we both promised some links in the episode. I presume Victor is extremely busy, because he hasn't sent me any just yet - however, here's our Discord link, so you could prod him yourself about tthose - I think that'll only make him happy.

And if you're listening to this as it's being published: in 3 hours (6PM EST, 1PM Latvia time) Tucker Carlson will release his interview that he's made with Vladimir Putin in Russia. We're having a MST3K watchalong as I'll be streaming the interview and doing my best to comment on all the nonsense and the lies. So, please, if you haven't already, join our discord group!

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