cover art for, I've been doing this for a decade now...

The Eastern Border, I've been doing this for a decade now...

Eastern Border 10th anniversary episode. A bit more meta-podcsast stuff than usual, but don't worry, plenty of important news as well.

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  • War in Ukraine: Episode 219

    Putin spews blatant lies and sabre rattling at western journalists for 3.5 hours, new propaganda instructions (they're not very good), and latest updates about the war.Here's our discord link too: merch store:
  • Answering questions on Quora

    I went on Quora to answer people's questions about the war in Ukraine. Some of them were meaningul, but...well, there's plenty of Putin's trolls to go around. Enjoy!
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 218

    Girkin remains in prison after his appeals, Macron sends instructors to Ukraine and insists that the west should allow their weapons to be used to strike Russia. In response, Russia saber rattlles with nukes again and forces schoolgirls to remove underwear in public, before a state exam.
  • The People's Gun

    Today I am joined by a guest from the Canadian military who appproacheed me asking about whether or not I have made an episode about the most famous Russian invention of all time – the glorious AK. So easy to use, that a kid shoot one. And many do! A subject this iconic deserved a proper episode, and hopefully, we have delivered. Enoy!
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 217

    Greetings, Comrades! In this episode: Events on the front lines, Russia lies about their successes, Belousov unsurprisingly corrupt and dissappoints the pro-war people in Russia. And here's the link to our merch store:
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 216

    Belousov has replaced Shoigu as Russia's minister of defense - and for some reason, western media reports this as a threatening thing for Ukraine. In this episode I explain why they're mistaken, and how this proves that Putin's admitting that he no longer has endless money for the war effort.
  • War in Ukraine: Episode 215

    We're back! Putin just got inaugurated, but he's actually just lost all legitimacy. Russia's throwing around nuclear threats again, but at the same time Gazprom's reporting losses for the first time ever and the economy looks a bit bleak.
  • The Soviet Who Saved the World (ft. Alex from History Impossible)

    While I was in Texas, enjoying the honeymoon I knew I had to record stuff, because the show won't wait for me, but I did not want to do heartbreaking stuff. Thankfully, Alex had listened to my pre-wedding episode, and wanted to dig deeper about our hero, Stanislav Petrov. We used the rare occasion of a much smaller time zone difference than usual and made this for You - which Alex also posted on his feed too. Enjoy!