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The Drink

Ep 11: Windy London with Femi Oluwole

This week Hannah meets Our Future Our Choice's Femi in a very windy London to talk being teetotal, how Nigel Farage has used alcohol to present himself as a man of the people and why you should always make your kids drink if you've bought a new car.

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  • Ep 14: A cup of tea with Jane Hill

    This week Hannah meets author and comedian Jane Hill to talk about what led her to conclude she was an alcoholic, how she gave up and why booze is so intrinsically linked to fun. Spoiler alert: Contains more stories about how Hannah broke stuff when she was drunk. Like bones.
  • Ep 13: Shit-Faced (not shit-faced)

    This week, Hannah goes for a cup of tea with Isobel Wroe Wright from Shit-Faced Showtime and David Ellis from Shit-Faced Shakespeare, to talk being drunk on stage, looking after your mates and drinking LOTS OF WATER. Spoiler alert: Contains an anecdote about being drunk in a sand-trap with a guitar. What more do you people want?
  • Ep 12: A pint with Tiernan Douieb

    This week, Hannah meets comedian Tiernan Douieb for a lunchtime pint to find out how diabetes can affect what you drink and what you're like when you're drunk. Plus, they chat the perils of absinthe and you can find out which one of them ended up in a skip. SPOILER ALERT: It's both of them.
  • Ep 10: Lunch time drinking with Nick Miller

    This week, Hannah indulged in a spot of lunch time drinking with sports journalist Nick Miller, to chat booze and sports fandom, the horrors of waking up in a tent with a hangover and why he never chooses the wine. Hannah also pretends to know stuff about sport. She's fooling no-one.
  • Ep 9: Pre-show with Olga Koch

    This week, Hannah meets comedian Olga Koch to talk drunk dialling,the perfect number of pints and how not to ruin your Uber rating. Plus Hannah pretends to know stuff about Champagne. It doesn't suit her.
  • Ep 8: Confusing coffee with Evelyn Mok

    This week Hannah attempts to buy coffee for the Swedish comedian Evelyn Mok. Which is more of a drama than it sounds. But they did manage to have an interesting chat about the "Asian Flush", crying on the night bus and knowing the right time to leave a party. So it all worked out well in the end.
  • Ep 7: Diet coke with Paul Sinha

    Hannah meets comedian and quizzer Paul Sinha to talk drunken weeping, the best and worst kind of stag do, and the art of pacing yourself. Plus there's a small quiz. Because of course there is.
  • Episode 6: Dry January with Taylor Glenn

    Hannah meets American comedian, former counsellor and one third of the Drunk Women Solving Crime podcast, Taylor Glenn to talk interventions, dry counties and parenting with a hangover. Plus the good way to be pissed at work.