The Detective

Hosted by investigative journalist and former police detective Mark Williams-Thomas, this podcast explores possible miscarriages of justice in a variety of cases, ranging from terrorism, to murder, to missing people. Each episode asks, does the evidence collected by the police and presented in court stand up to scrutiny, or are people in jail for crimes they did not commit? You will be placed at the centre of these investigations where you, as the armchair detective, piece together the evidence and decide: are these convictions safe, or did our justice system get it wrong? Evidence files and photos can be viewed at

Important Notes: The subject matter of our podcasts includes details of murders and sexual assaults on both adults and children and can be very distressing for some listeners.

Our podcasts include recordings of real-time confrontations with suspects, victim interviews and phone calls that we gather during our live investigations; sometimes the audio quality of those segments is not ideal as we only get one opportunity to record them.