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Episode 25 - The Retro Football Shirt and Kit Industry, with John Devlin

Blogger Jay is joined by friend of the podcast John Devlin to discuss the ever-growing sub-industry of retro kits. Often overlooked as meaningless nostalgia, the market is nonetheless huge and worth the time Jay and John spend discussing the applicable responsibilities of the manufacturers-cum-licensees. Not only this, but the sector has several dark sides, where integrity is bypassed in pursuit of the profits that are there to be made... Music:

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  • 27. Episode 27 - A Tottenham Hotspur Kit Special with Andrew Rockall

    Can you believe it?! It's finally here: The long-lost Episode 27 has finally been published, and it's a Tottenham Hotspur kit special with the Echoes of Glory podcast's Andrew Rockall. There's a recent intro, a two-year-old middle, and a six-month-old end, so don't switch off early. We apologise to all inconvenienced - particularly Andrew - and we hope it was worth waiting for. Blogger Jay - who chats to Andrew on here - is on the naughty step.Music:
  • 32. Episode 32 - Fokohaela - Football Shirts with a Twist with Jason Lee

    Don't hate this episode for not being Episode 27 - it'll come. Instead, DF blogger Jay welcomes back Jason Lee, this time to talk about his brand, Fokohaela. With his wealth of experience with the likes of adidas and Hummel, Jason is giving us some football shirts combined with art, and some very interesting alternatives to the international shirts currently available. Have a listen to the rationales behind these incredibly imaginative creations.Music:
  • 31. Episode 31 - The Russia 2018 World Cup Kits and The True Colours International Kits Book with John Devlin

    Episode 27 is still to come - sorry - but this is a World Cup special episode, covering most of the kits for Russia 2018. DF blogger Jay chats to DF podcast regular John Devlin about the upcoming tournament and his hugely relevant new book - True Colours 3, in effect - which covers half a century's worth of international kits.Music:
  • 30. Episode 30 - Angelo Trofa and Football Strip Concepts

    In Episode 30 - 27's still AWOL, sadly - DF blogger Jay returns to chat to possibly the most famous fantasy kit designer in the world. Angelo Trofa - a graphic and apparel designer by trade too - has built up quite a portfolio via his Football Strip Concepts magazine releases, which this podcast centres on. Angelo is also a skilled networker via social media, and demonstrates how you can build a reputation and augment and further a career if you showcase your talents in creative ways.Music:
  • 29. Episode 29 - The Rise and Rise of Classic Football Shirts, and the Fabric of Football exhibition, with Denis Hurley and Doug Bierton

    A new episode! Yes, Episode 27 is still missing - sorry - but here's Episode 29, and it's a real treat. Not only did's Denis Hurley step in for blogger Jay to present, but he was joined by another kit expert - truly with knowledge most of us can only dream of - Doug Bierton from Classic Football Shirts ( With CFS's rise and prominence in the football kit aficionado community ever-increasing, Denis discussed with Doug the industry, the love of shirts and kits, and its recognition in the Fabric of Football events in Manchester and London - perhaps even beyond.Fabric of Football London can be found at...Newspeak House133 Bethnal Green RoadLondonE2 7DGApril 26th - 11.00am-6.00pmApril 27th - 11.00am-9.00pmApril 28th- 10.00am-9.00pmApril 29th- 10.00am-7.00pmMusic:
  • 28. Episode 28 - FC St. Pauli Kit Special, with Shawn from Fell In Love With A Girl

    Yes, Episode 28, not 27 - see below - but In this half-a-year-old recording - apologies - blogger Jay chatted to Shawn from the St. Pauli podcast, Fell in Love with a Girl. Politically emotive, the shirts of St Pauli have become iconic in their colouring and connotations, as the German side's cult appeal ever-widens. Discussing the kit history and the controversy of the current wardrobe, as well as the association with Under Armour, Shawn provided an education on kits, as well as thought-provoking social commentary. It's an oldie, but, we think, a goodie.NB: The observant amongst subscribers and occasional listeners will have noticed Episode 27 is missing. It will appear in due course, with an explanation for its tardiness. Until then, please accept our apologies for its omission in the order.Music:
  • 26. Episode 26 - The Kits of Olympique de Marseille, with Mohammed Ali

    Recorded at the end of the 2016-17 season, DF resident blogger Jay is joined by French football freelance journalist Mohammed Ali to take on the contentious subject of Olympique de Marseille's now current kits - the last by adidas - and the transition to Puma from 2018-19 onwards. Giving a fans' take on both the history and the change, this podcast takes on new relevance with the leaks of the Puma designs starting to appear, and l'OM's newly added Orange sponsor affecting this season's understated approach.Music:
  • Episode 24 - Professional Kit Design, Nike Style, with Sean Pankhurst

    Resident blogger on, Jay, talks to freelance sportswear designer Sean Pankhurst about the latter's career, comprising his time at Nike, and Canterbury, and with other sportswear, leisurewear and fashion brands. Sean was frank and generous with his recounting of his experiences, which we thank him for. Have a listen, and we hope you'll appreciate his candour too. Music: